September 18, 2021

7 thoughts on “CSULB BSU 39th Black Consciousness Conference with Dr. Mumbi Seraki, Brother Rizza Islam and more!

  1. On behalf of the Japanangka-Corrections-Bureau in Australia, we would like to share these FACTS with the so-called 'Black' community, as a part of our Annual 'Originee Lodial Lands Trust Council' Conference.
    We would also like to share these same FACTS, with the so-called 'White' community on the planet.
    1. "There are NO White people on this planet".
    2. "There are NO Black people on this planet".
    3. "The LAWS of this planet are only written for COLOURED people".
    4. " We are ALL Coloured people, under Common Law, usurped by the Admiralty, to divide and conquer, under the rules of piracy".
    5. "Get over yourselves, and get a life".

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