September 22, 2023
Cuomo and Lemon on people vandalizing Black Lives Matter mural: This is just wrong

’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon react to a video of two people painting over a California community’s Black Lives Matter …


42 thoughts on “Cuomo and Lemon on people vandalizing Black Lives Matter mural: This is just wrong

  1. As a news presenter it's probably best if you do not comment on subjects you clearly have no knowledge of. As a journalist in a position of influence, I'm surprised you did not complete your due diligence in researching the life of Jesus before you made this silly comment.

  2. I know the Constitution. These Fools on CNN don’t know crap. America is Not a Racist County ( Democrats )are the one who runned the slavery and they are along with KKK. Don lemon is low key like Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris don’t even care for black people. CNN is Complete Trash.

    I love America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and I’m happy I’m a Republican πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  3. BLM and Antifa spent the entirety of 2020 disrupting lives, terrorizing residential areas, burning down their cities, looting from their local businesses, tried succeeding from the US in their own stolen territory…

  4. Fredo excuses burning down buildings and beating business owners almost to death as "peaceful protest" while complaining about this. Good times. I wonder how his big Bro the gropist is doing?


  5. why does Don Lemonhead want to live on stolen land? Why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is and leave this stolen land that he lives on and try to go find somewhere else in the world where the land has always belonged to the same people from the beginning of time with no history of war and murder and genocide and massacre and slavery. I would love to hear what country that is because it doesn’t exist as every single one has lived through slavery or war and genocide an empires and kings and queens and authoritarianism and everything else in between so you tell me where history starts. how far back do you want to go because every group of people have committed horrifying crimes in the past and white Americans didn’t invent slavery or war in fact the slaves that they purchased were already slaves in Africa under African slave owners who were black just like them so how far back does he want to go? Just to the second where the slaves were loaded onto the ship or a couple hours earlier when they were already slaves in Africa? It doesn’t mean that it’s right it’s obviously disgusting but it means that you can’t apply today’s social acceptance and Wokeness or morale to Yesterdays world. If Thomas Jefferson did something that was deemed immoral or wrong for his time then for sure he should be held accountable for it but you don’t get to choose the morality of today and applied to someone who lived 300 years ago. If it’s considered immoral to own cats and dogs and illegal and frowned upon 200 years from now, is it fair for your great great great grand child to look back at you like you were a monster for owning a kitten? You disgusting cat owner you! Not comparing the two but giving you an example of how morality changes with time And you can pretend that if you were around 300 years ago that you would’ve been equipped with the same Wokeness and been on the forefront of fighting against slavery end protecting the rights of Native Americans

  6. Not ONE report by CNN over the FACT that BLM leaders have defrauded Black Americans out of MILLIONS of dollars. Every other news network is coving the story of one BLM leader buying a 6 million dollar home. But NOT CNN!!! CNN SUCKS!!!!

  7. Whats interesting is when Republicans and fox news try to say democrats are trying to divide people..
    But in reality if you look at democrats vs republicans, the Democratic party (liberals) are way more diverse, ALL types of people, colors and nationalities..
    So actually it makes Republicans look like their the ones who like to be divided..
    They only want a white nation, they are all about dividing.
    And they want the black people to kiss their a$$.
    It's all about power and greed for some people.
    There are literally trump supporters and republicans disowning their OWN children over their beliefs,
    It's really sad when you put your religion, politics and race over your own family and country.
    Liberals and Democrats have all the smart people like scientist, psychologists and history professors and much more.
    Alot of the Republican party leaders Ive seen on tv since I was a little girl have been accused of sex crimes.
    They care more about statues than they do people..
    You can't discover something that was already founded… Alot of our ancestors were sick and lacked morality..
    Their statues should have been in a museum..where people have a choice whether they want to see them or not .
    We can still respect history without them statues..
    They say it's a historical symbol…that's BS
    It's a hatred symbol to maintain white supremacy.
    Why not put up statues of good people who made a difference for the better…
    I can only imagine being a native American and having to see Christopher Columbus face when I walk down the street..that is disgusting.
    Some people want to repeat history just like some people want slavery again, they are sick people..

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  9. BLM needs to stop hating the cops and realize blacks are more likely to die at the hands of other blacks than at police hands. They don't care to tackle the black on black violence in big cities.

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