⚠️WARNING:⚠️📋 PBM Police Write-up:
You are witnessing an attack by criminals wearing law enforcement uniforms! Cuyahoga County corrections officers Nicholas Evans and Timothy Dugan are both seen on video recording striking a HANDCUFFED and BLINDFOLDED male victim, Terrance Debose. Terrance was placed in full restraints and seated in a restraint chair. You see Evans speaking with the inmate before appearing to switch off the body camera attached to his chest. Both officers are seen repeatedly punching the victim. Terrance was struck so severely that he suffered a concussion.

A grand jury indicted both officers on several charges of felonious assault, unlawful restraint and interfering with civil rights for the incident. Evans was additionally charged with tampering with evidence. Now let’s see our bad officer supporters try and justify this. Yea yea I know, we don’t know what this subject did to make these professional law enforcement officers commit these criminal acts. He must’ve did something before the video started! 🤷🏾‍♂️Let’s talk about it! – Joe Ested, Law Enforcement Analyst ⚠️

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