July 5, 2022

32 thoughts on “Cyclone to Hit Tanzania, 4 Million African Coronavirus Recoveries,Zimbabwe Kills Elephants for Money

  1. Shooting to kill 100 elephants for the reasons Zimbabwe gave here is not in African culture and a foolish idea. We Africans really don't have to copy things from others just because they do those like that. WHAT A F..K

  2. I suspect the Cape Town University library was deliberately burned down for fear that the black people would come across the rare books about Apartheid system and its details. Tanzania cyclone is to prepare ways for NGOs fake organizations to invade Tanzania system and undermine, pull down all the Magufulifications that took place.

  3. People don't know that Tanzania is one of the blessed country in the world. Mungu katuokoa mengi sana sana. JOBO mwenyew baada ya kuongea na Covid kaona abadilishe njia. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Zimbabwe stop using tourism as an excuse to kill off God's creation, this why you keep suffering. Also leaders need to unite, you can't defeat your enemies by yourselves. Why do you think China, Russia, Iran, and India are uniting against the west. Think idiots 🙄

  5. I'm surprised the Tanzania government has not realized that there is a war against them. All of a sudden there is a storm. When blacks across the diaspora don't communicate, most people won't know about the usa projects one of them called HAARP that controls weather.

  6. This move by Zimbabwe to boost tourist visits by way of hunting already endangered elephants seems myopic and lacks thought for their environment too. I'm sure there are many viable means to provide income (especially foreign) by carefully looking at the needs the region or world has and getting the PEOPLE to work COLLECTIVELY to ensure their own mutually assured destruction doesn't happen due to laziness or lack of will to survive. Why are our representatives lacking in ideas and inspiration to lift the ENTIRE continent, reputation and image of Africans worldwide? Sigh.

  7. This is true and in order to truly achieve what you and countless others are looking to see happening is to seriously look on the AFRICAN IDENTITY. Every large land mass has the ability to conceive ideas of who they want to be and what they want to have happen to their people. Yes, there are always challenges with organizing and uniting people with several differences, but as with Europe, it is not IMPOSSIBLE. They have a currency, political philosophy etc. Africa needs to revisit their illustrious past filled with failures and successes and build her present and future from that past. Continuing to be students/servants/followers of others who came after you in many cases, is nonsensical and history has proven that it doesn't work for Africans.

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