September 22, 2023


  1. Salute Garfield and your new stance of neutrality as you and I don't always agree on alot of these discussions I would like you to address a topic that I think we both may actually share common ground on which is lets ask those brothers who claim to be Hebrew-Moors to explain themselves pleaseπŸ™‡πŸ™ lol do they know that they are essentially saying that they are Jewish πŸ”― Muslims πŸ•Œ???🀷 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Dane Colloway is calling Dr. Ben a con man? Damn! I don't say Dr. Ben is clean but he was in the field in Egypt, something Dane Colloway never does, he just sits in the house and makes claims.

  3. Seti is a pan African fool who thanks Africans didnt conquer the seas before Columbus there isnt any native Americans in the west INDIES just Africans πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  4. Seti does explain that the olmecs priesthood wears a jaguar but the science come from the nile wear they wear leopard skin in the Americas they used the zoo types of the land. In Africa they had the leopard in the Americas they had the jaguar.

  5. LOL… How contradictory can you be? You said anyone's info should be analyzed and given a fair shake so that the people can grow, but then say that anything Sara Suten Seti says you don't believe because every thing he says is sudo… You not hating on Seti though?? You also said that Seti ran from the debate but didn't tell the reason was due to the disagreements over the money percentages. You also failed to say Seti and pharaoh gave the same presentation that he would have given at the debate. I have a pretty good judge of character and would be willing to bet that Sara Suten SETI would destroy you in any scholarship debate topic you choose to debate on. I challenge you to make a rebuttal of the Medu Neter presentation that he posted. You need to check yourself before you see Seti and he makes you piss yourself!!! Garfield you are full of shit!!!

  6. When he said that both brothas should keep putting out the information for the people, when will it end?
    Whatever info that is put out, they will always come up with something to counter it. So who is right?
    All these books people are putting out here are their accounts, their philosophy, their opinions.
    If these folks are not putting in the work of archeological evidence, historical evidence, or some kind of first hand account, then the info that a person put out and feeding the people, is just the opinions of others, nothing more.

    As black people we should ask these guys to step up their game or shun them, if they are not going and getting this information THEMSELVES, instead of reading books and regurgitating other people's opinions.

    Prove what you say with legitimacy, actual evidence, actual facts that has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, and make them earn your support.

  7. all this bickering and going backwards and forth about an Indian being stronger than a African and African being stronger than an Indian and some damn leopard skins you all are a joke this is not doing anything for us financially you remind me of a bunch of grown children arguing over what superhero is better than the other please stop wasting air time

  8. PEACE TO THE GOD, NEXT TIME YOU EDUCATE THE BROTHER, YOU TELL THEM THAT, JABRIL WAS A MAN, THAT TAUGHT THE PROPHET. I learned this from Mother Wisdom, the legendary HOUSE OF DAVID, 40 years, in New Rochelle, NEW YORK. SELF SAVIOUR JUSTICE ALLAH, I am from the old school.

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