September 22, 2023
Daniel Perry claims he killed Garrett Foster, BLM protester, in self defense | FOX 7 Austin

In day six of Daniel Perry’s murder trial, he claims he killed Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster in self defense. The state, however, said he did it intentionally.

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24 thoughts on “Daniel Perry claims he killed Garrett Foster, BLM protester, in self defense | FOX 7 Austin

  1. The car was stopped, and the man approached in a menacing manner with his weapon. The business end of the rifle was pointed at the driver. There is no police officer of any ethnicity that would not have lit the man pointing the gun up immediately.

  2. This recreation analysis is erroneous. I do AIG and it has to align with the data not transform it lol. He recreated his own version of the event not what the medical examiners reported.

  3. So driving around calling out protesters and challenging them is called “Instigating”.
    They have every right to carry firearms. Daniel Perry, prior to this event. Had texted his friends, explaining how he was going out to shoot a protester and try and claim self defense. This is called “Intent”. He had every opportunity to leave that non hostile situation.
    So question. If any of y’all are gonna defend Perry. Then what’s the point of open carry gun laws if you’re just gonna piss your pants whenever a gun is around.

  4. You can have open carry on Texas but you can't walk up to car if anyone point a AK-47 and the driver able to defend himself and get shot. No jury should have convicted but that DA needs to be investigated for brining that charge when Texas law clearly says we have the right to defend ourselves. You don't wait until you get shit you shoot before the guy shoots hou

  5. Perry is a murderer. He was found guilty in a court of law. This is open racism on the part of the Texas governor. Mr. Foster was a veteran who was loved and liked by many. Almost all republicans I know say they are not racist. I believe you. Now do the right thing and keep this murderer behind bars. 😢

  6. I can see how they came to a guilty verdict, but no way in hell would I vote guilty unless they could prove he wasn’t pointing the gun at him.

  7. I am wondering if the deceased's interview holding that AK47 just a few hours before he was shot was seen by the jury, you know where he basically stated he can do whatever he wants without repercussions because he believed that people not rioting were pussies.

    Funny coincidence how things turned out….

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