November 28, 2021

47 thoughts on “Dark Journalist & Elana Freeland: The AI Transhumanist Nanotech Invasion!

  1. We only have to look at the "wildfires" in California to see how effective these negative puppet masters are in controlling/destroying the natural world. Excellent show indeed. More please? Thanks to all the thinking persons who bring vital information to our needy human world.

  2. So my big worry is when people say they are trying to depopulate the planet is that well they can kill us but we will just reincarnate back. So thatโ€™s when I realized that they must also know not just how to kill us but also how to stop us from reincarnating. Iโ€™m very worried that this is the plan. To destroy the pathway of the souls entrance and exit in and out of the body. The example being when the body dies the soul cannot escape. Hope Iโ€™m very wrong.

  3. This is the most benevolent show. EMF is an angel, she has what we need to destroy the evil in this universe. Aether perturbation modality is the true field that is part of our consciousness. Once thie field is disturbed, modalities are state of change in a physical sense. Water can be solid, liquid and vapor. We our made of water, the evilness can perturbe our bodies and souls.

  4. E.M.F. is one of my favorite persons to listen to. It takes a formidable IQ to get an authoritative grasp on this multifaceted mess that we have become caught up in.
    Plus she has Gypsie blood, as do I ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I was in the Entire Paradise fire, I can't for disclosure purposes declare all of what I saw, who I worked for and with, there is not as much conspiracy as people think behind that. The forces of nature under certain environmental conditions are more responsible for how that went down than people understand.

  6. When they mentioned dragons, the first thing that popped in my mind was the scene in Excalibur (1981) where Uryenes bestows knighthood to Arthur in the name of God, St. Michael, and St. George. St. George slayed a dragon that demanded human sacrifice. Then a different scene from that excellent movie was shown. So many wise lines of dialogue in that masterpiece.

  7. I cant tell you how many times I've told people to read her book's.. She has this entirely spot on. Thank you Elana and Daniel for such an informative show on a subject most cannot begin to understand.. God willing people will see the light..
    Much Love from the Oregon coast.

  8. Regarding Wilhelm Reich's and Trevor Constable's Phantom Flyers, Clif High mentioned on a Forum Borealis interview that the US Military tested early night vision infrared goggles in Vietnam. With those, everything appeared in shades of red. That initial design was abandoned because solders said they saw flying creatures that drove them to panic.

  9. She said it's her last book but yet wants to continue writing ? Ive heard Michael Savage say dozens of times that this is his last book and releases dozens more, or when Howard Stern doing the same not renewing his contract and retiring; but still doing it 35 years later.

  10. Wow, spooky stuff DJ, but awesome. Only your audience can handle it, most people would skake in their boots and avoid it like a plague. Reminds me of the series Revolution (2012) which was abruptly cancelled in 2014 even while very popular and highly rated. The nano swarms especially depicted there and dramatized extensively.
    Thx for the show, keep going DJ โ—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

  11. Greetings and Thank You-all, kindly for this sharing.
    A couple lesser know recent points from along this subject line:
    As of this last Friday the computer interface that controlled nanotechnology in a nefarious viral way was fully stopped from transmitting. This information comes via Kimberly Ann Goguen and the LifeForce Folks. Ms. Goguen is the top clearance in the order that is most recognized as the government. Her information and Her position as a Guardian of this planet is largely occulted, but can be found when One: 'Follows the Money". The stopping of the ability for deep state-ish actors to have literal kill switches by nano to keep intelligence officers quiet and passive have, largely, come to an end. Ms. Goguen said the disinfecting was commencing, and that the nano, or 'Archons' as some called them, actually have a shelf life of 2 to 4 years and can be cleansed by doing a heavy metal detox from the body. Also, the 'Covid' nano was said to have been launch as a lower level attempt to duplicate the Archon level nano and system. The technocrats are loosing heavily and that is largely going unpublished. Trump himself has spoken to and worked with Goguen, yet recently said He could not afford to risk His 2024 presidential run by telling the truth of Her existence and place in the bussiness/social order. Which begs the question: Has Trump forgotten that many People who supported Him were also told to 'follow the money', because when One does They end-up at Kimberly Ann Goguen's office.
    A women legit claims top bussiness and world helping honor, and….*crickets*….
    Until Folks figure-out how to profit from exposing such knowledge?

  12. The 3 step vaccine is Nano Technologies and can either be used for good or for bad as a kill switch. Some bodies will either accept it or not. Its simply not in the rights hands to be trusted at this moment. With the use of special technologies it could heal you ut its not under the proper hands

  13. Even if one has "memories" of a past life there is no way to know for sure if it is one's own memories or someone else's. The average lifespan seems plenty enough time to learn how to live in the physical world and handle some of it's challenges. Perhaps the real challenge of existence continues on in a non-corporeal state where there is no death and one has all eternity to learn what needs to be learned.

  14. According to alternative biblical history researcher Ralph Ellis, King Arthur was the biblical Jesus. If you read his most recent book called "The Grail Cypher", it takes you through how this is not only possible, but probable, and very likely factual.

  15. If you watch old episodes of the panel game show called "What's My Line", you will hear the panelists refer to weather manipulation. I should have noted the specific episodes, but I didn't. I think the episodes were filmed in the 60's that contain this subject matter. "What's My Line" has it's own Youtube channel with every episode made.

  16. In her comment what they want to transcend into is always given to us in some visuals called movies where they are always destroying this weakness and transcending into some half man half borg.
    The Character called Cyborg seems to fit that disceiption.

    85% borg 15% human. These folks loth the fleshly weakness even with all the advancements in science they may only slow down death not defeat it. So that life extention grants a holding space until full transcendence into the next phase can be achieved. On this side of reality we call it the spirit it exists outside of any human form wheather Bio or Mechine? When I say loth I mean they distain this limited bio weakness which is a prison and death sentence for them.

  17. Can anyone point me to any legitimate study that has compelling evidence that airplane exhaust has delivered โ€œnano-computersโ€ into our bodies that enable the deep state to read our thoughts?

  18. I began to understand the acts and actions of the malevolence-class back in the late 1990s to early 2000s when I realized the durum was being removed from our wheat products. International law forbids such a thing. Soon after, we all learned that fast-food chains were using yoga mat material in their bread products. Since then, some subtle and some not so subtle signs of the forces-of-evil have appeared at every turn. n the earlier years of the 2010s, when I went online to purchase a decent, high-powered microscope so as to better understand what sort of microscopic sh*t was in our foods, etc., or in the dust particles and fiber 'things' that float in the air, get stuck on our clothing, and eventually on our shelves, I quickly learned that they no longer exist. What does that tell me, thought I. It tells me we, as human beings, are in some terrible trouble. Anyway, thank you DJ & EF for sharing your knowledge. Btw, those lines being spewed 24/7 across Our skies are transmission lines; You see ? 'wire-less' ? … 'broad bands' … ? It is the bastardization of Nikoli Tesla's otherwise amazing technology; usurped, and today in the wrong hands, it has gone very very bad.

  19. Like captain kirk when he was split in the Transporter into good and evil and he couldn't do his job. It's crazy about what she said about programming people to react and believe lies that are
    Designed to destroy us and America.
    I just wrote a letter explaining that precise thing.

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