Pearl Pearson is a Deaf, Black man who survived a brutal beating by Oklahoma Highway Patrol in 2014. Not only were the troopers cleared of wrongdoing, but Pearl was also charged with resisting arrest. This is his story.

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Three years later, Magdiel Sanchez was shot to death in his front yard in the same city. Though neighbors told officers that Magdiel was Deaf and couldn’t hear their commands, they still shot him five times. The officers were cleared of wrongdoing, and the district attorney instead filed charges against the victim’s family.

Note: When “deaf” is capitalized as “Deaf,” it’s referencing the Deaf community, an important and empowering distinction to those in the community.

Transcript available in the comments.

If you know someone in law enforcement, you can share this video with basic info on how to interact with people who are Deaf:

Archival material courtesy of Pearl Pearson, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the Oklahoman, CBS News and KWTV News9.
Music tracks courtesy of APM and Audio Networks.
Special thanks: Noelia González, Melissa Elmira Yingst
Resources: Alexander Graham Bell, Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race.


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