September 21, 2021

47 thoughts on “Dear African Americans, LISTEN TO THIS Before Moving To Africa! #Returnees

  1. African Americans need to mixed with Africans fast and repopulate American with more blacks, because we will soon be less than minority in America and Mexicans are the majority now. Also I suggest you all to Learn Spanish fast or you will never be hired.

  2. I just happened upon your channel and this video is the first I've watched… hmmm, I think I love it already!!! YAAAY!!! Thank you all for sharing. Young People are such a blessing!!

  3. The fact that based on a so called pandemy which no one in Uganda has seen the development of the country is so much stalled, this is a crime against humanity

  4. You're God sent , it is a blessing to have you as an ambassador , you are an inspiration to more people who would like to come to Uganda , stay blessed divinely God will GUIDE YOU THROUGH .

  5. Fools!!!!! So called African Americans are NOT black / African! !!!!! Our Indigenous American identities were stolen. America is our land so don't be tricked into running away where your ancestors are buried. Smh!!!!!!

  6. Hello ladies that was a good video the king is very articulate in what he saying but both of you are very beautiful I just love both of you skin wow beautiful ok I will check in again you both take care 🖤❤️🌷🌷👍🤗🇯🇲🇨🇦

  7. Stop believing what the colonizer told you. So called African Americans are not African these people have total different phenal types from us which is something you can not change over a few hundred years. Africans know nothing about a transatlantic slave trade until we told them about it. I would love to visit but with the knowledge of knowing I'm an indigenous American. Melinated ppl don't all come from Africa that's just ingnorant. Samoan Melinesia and Tahitti bfor example. Read more

  8. I appreciate this young brother and these beautiful sedulous sisters. Doin it well.

    In listening to these great young people, the brother's reconmendations for investment made it occur to me that his perspective amd frame of reference is strictly capitalism a la conqueror. I think we Africans must avoid trying to build ourselves amd our nations in the image of our conquerors who destroy people and natural environments on which we depend and to which we belong. If we continue in thst direction, repatriating African-Americans will simply be unwitting agents of the colonialist who still control the resources of Africa.

    We need creative, intelligent and spiritual (not EuroChristian or ArabicIslam), people to work together to develop our nations such that:
    – greed for money is not the primary purpose;, but mutual respect and a desire for all people to have their needs met…not a few have much and many have not enough as is the current circumstance.
    – the well being of the people is not measured by the American opulence standard of comfort;
    – unresolved historic intertribal conflicts are dealt with in such a way that we can work together to ready ourselves to be in a position to truly defend ourselves against foreign invasion of any type(military, economic, social, spiritual, cultural, technological, etc.)

    Food for thought

    Race First

  9. We are all learning about Africa, I have been watching the election in ECOWAS Ghana even most at times I don't really understand what they are saying but I enjoy the screaming and yelling a lot,

  10. Nii Okai from Accra – Ghana: it's great to be bold to make a move like this trip to the motherland Africa for hopeful settlement. I wish you the best in your endeavors, and hopefully be reminded that creating a solid business will help you to find your presence there worth living. I may encourage you to invest in "ever green businesses" with a humble beginning nature, meaning not with rush, but with much research and investigation .You can look at other areas in Africa and copy other business from other people in those parts of Africa and try it there in Uganda. Remain focused and stick to your goals so that your life there would encourage other folks in the USA with such basic rythm to drive them to the motherland – Africa.

  11. Africa is still taking orders from their colonial Masters about coronavirus and letting the people wear mask and restrict them and in their country they are not doing the same it's casual they got the African continent people living in fear and comfort it's all lies Africa must Unite and wake up religion has mentally destroyed the black race

  12. Oh man, I’m happy for you guys. There will be ups and downs but don’t get tired. Let’s get our people back. Hmm by the way, pray for me as well to go back home, being stuck here in the states and seeing my people going back makes me think twice. Good luck guys!

  13. I've been thinking about moving to Africa but idk yet cause I was planning on moving to Jamaica but now I'm stuck in between the two and brother I really respect what your doing we all need to go back to our roots at least connect to our people 🤦‍♂️😂

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