September 22, 2021

24 thoughts on “Dear DIASPORA you need a MENTAL REFRESH when MOVING to AFRICA

  1. You need a spiritual and mental detox before moving to Africa. Start with some reading: Malcolm X autobiography by Alex Haley. Read also about Marcus Garvey. And please don’t think you will come with knowledge instead be a student. Too many African Americans come with a western mind set and they don’t even know it

  2. You are very right shake off the western mindset when u come to Ghana….cause u need to adjust to the way we do things not the other way round.. especially the corrupt mindset

  3. You are on point, you must do a mental refresh and "shake that western mindset" to appreciate and receive all the blessings coming from Mama Africa! Thank you for sharing the lovely views, I'll be home soon!

  4. Your walk uphill is definitely metaphor as it symbolizes, also, the uphill battle that it is—-as you excellently reinforce to keep us from being too romantic about it. What are you thoughts on one shipping over an RV until one figures out where they want to be or where they can be, long term?

  5. That was a real work out thanks for sharing,really interesting topic I always enjoy your vlogs because you don't sugar coat your views thanks for being so real on your channel, God bless you

  6. Thanks Lasea75 this must have been a really 'good workout' walking uphill. The scenery too has been caught nicely, well done. Yes one has to have a different mindset to survive back on the motherland. There's no point in expecting the same as other places that one had lived before.

  7. I love you're intro/outro music, its soooo chill. I agree a western mindset and expectations need to be left on the plane as much as possible. It's just not helpful and you'll just be frustrated by everyday things that occur and the fact that no-one else really has a problem with it.

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