September 22, 2023
Decade of Cointelpro the Black Desk Pt2 of 6

This is part 2of 6, of a 3 segment series. It highlights an interview with , an FBI agent provocateur. He explains some …


9 thoughts on “Decade of Cointelpro the Black Desk Pt2 of 6

  1. Interesting stuff although the producer/narrator drift's into a embellishments to a political aim. We know the FBI and so forth were up to all matter of dirty tricks. But we know Elijah Muhammad was behind the death of Malcolm X too

  2. @madelefant05 Not sure about Elijah Muhammad's involve, but there is an interesting informative video "Inside Job:Betrayal of the Black Messiah" about 4 hrs of info on the assassination of Malcolm X.

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