September 21, 2023
Decree to Sara Suten Seti Part 1

17 thoughts on “Decree to Sara Suten Seti Part 1

  1. the point is he is a black man that is trying it is so easy to stand on the sidelines and point your fingers – the debate that Seti had with Alim was a powerful one Seti made you make this video? if you did not use his name in your title no one would even listen to you. you need to put yourself out there and do a better job if you can? i await your lecture in Harlem?

  2. I heard tha moor & seti debate…and i have respect for noble drew ali, and i have a circle seven and in fact, its a word for word copy of whats in the aquarian gospels, period. truth is truth. some of noble drew's, elijah muhammad's (who agreed with jehovah's witnesses's end of the world b.s.), & even farrakhan's prophecies didnt come true, but they "were" relevent for those times. get what we need from leaders like school grades, and move on.

  3. Seti told the truth about blacks in islam & how it was introduced to Africa….shame on any brotha or sista who deny these facts. Seti was sent by Amen. seti is the truth. Hotep Fam.

  4. Seti is garbage. Bi-polar, degenerate. Noble Drew Ali is a man that organized our people, with knowledge of self, love truth, peace freedom, and justice. What have SETI done?
    Nothing, but yell on YouTube. Taking trash about the white man but no video of him takin that trash too white men. SETI is SETIing those people up, for jail, dope and death…watch. Garbage.

  5. I specialize in going into European constructed institutions to find Afrika's wailing children whom refuse programming and introduce them to "revolution". I have done this officially for 8 years. I think we should not go against each other, this brother(SETI) brings "fire" (urgency) which is needed at this time. Likewise the Moors bring much knowledge on Maritime law that governs much of our lives and will allow us to challenge "W/S" on a legal front. This is from a masked bandit…U.N.I.T.E.

  6. Seti is a man with a lot of passion. I agree with a lot of his info, very good material and info. Can't stand how he behaves like he done smoked weed before the lecture, we will need more than shouting, swearing and wearing army colours to free African minds. Also, he attacks everybody who seems to be doing the same things as him, he attacks Hagins, Ali, Mohammed. White folks dont even need to fight us cos we doing a good job fighting and attacking each other. Peace

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