September 22, 2023
Demons of Darfur

Demons are on the loose in urging weak-minded people to kill each other for power and control of .

Over one thousand people have been killed in over the past few weeks after the Sudanese army and a powerful rebel group broke the alliance they held since seizing power from the country’s president in 2019. Thousands of people along with Aid workers and foreign Diplomats are scrambling to leave the country by car, plane and Donkey as the two sides engage in hostilities. Observers all agree that this is no time for war as is currently in deep financial hardships coupled with severe drought and famine in several regions of the country.

The first thing that came to mind a few weeks ago when I heard that war had broken out in Sudan was, “Here we go again; another country with people who would rather kill each other instead of seeking peaceful ways to solve their differences.” At this point, I’m tired of all the excuses such as, its foreign interference from Russia and America. How long will Black and people continue to make excuses for our own lack of accountability to life?

If Black and African people can always be so easily manipulated then we must be as weak minded as they say. How else can you explain our inability to resist the unethical aspects of the ideologies we’ve grown to depend on for comfort. If we would only use simple reasoning then we would see that it is Demons who are manipulating us to kill each other.

It is Demons who whisper in the ears of Sudan’s military and rebel leaders, telling them that death and destruction is the only way to gain and maintain power over the will of the Sudanese people. But, the will of the people is not in dispute here since the vast majority of the people of Sudan believe that they are Arab Muslims. The dispute is over control of what little resources still exist in Sudan.

“What resources”, you might ask sarcastically because it was those same Demons who whispered in the ears of Sudan’s leaders centries ago, telling them not to worry about where their food and water will come from so they neglected to take care of the land and water resources of the country. Now when the land and water is all dried up all they have are their Demons in the guise of religion, telling them to fight to the death and they will be rewarded in the Hell better known as Heaven.

Yes, Demons are on the loose in . Many people will not see or acknowledge that fact but it’s true. How else can you explain why people are killing each other for control over a dying land that they themselves helped to destroy through apathy, neglect, and religious ideology. Only strong-minded people can perceive and work to cultivate a prosperous future on Earth rather than a future in hell Heaven next to their Demon Gods.

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