October 19, 2021

37 thoughts on “Denmark offers Syrian refugees money to return home or be put in a deportation centre

  1. It's time for Muslim countries to take care of their own. Europe, US should not bear this burden, I don't blame them for stopping this influx. Stay in your country , no matter how hard it's , better off live with your own.

  2. The civilization they speak about was from us the Muslims in andalus, without Muslims and Arabs the whole world have no civilization, read history People.

  3. They didn’t even learned the language, don’t work, but want to live forever in Denmark in a free pretty house. She can’t even answer the question why Denmark has to look forever for them

  4. I am Somali and I continue to pray for all my Syrian brothers and sisters. Somalia was in civil war and we had a lot of refugees, May Allah help Syria and it’s wonderful citizens
    I love Syria 🇸🇾 greetings from Somalia 🇸🇴

  5. EU was formed to protect it borders, but what happened instead that it became a haven for non-EU citizens to siphon money and integrate problem into well functioning societies, flooding it, while movement within EU became more problematic than intended. Someone in a position of power from within must have taken delight in said countries being destabilized.

  6. These people just don't seem to understand the difference between being an immigrant and being a refugee. Please go home, rebuild your country.

    The fact that they get 30k euro is just maddening.

  7. Islam is a violent definition by definition . To understand the underlying principles and actions of Islam towards people of other religion please read the book/novel called 'Avarana' by Byrappa. It compiles real accounts of islamic barbarism . Book is based on extensive research of Islamic literature and history

  8. We should offer deep thanks ;Reported in the Arabic news, Jordan- what a generous offer made by Qatari, UAE sheikhs and Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs. They have offered to help build Mosques and Quranic education schools for new refugees to UK, EU and Canada. 
    Very generous offer for Justin and friends in Canada, UK, and EU. Described as a Diplomatic set back for Jacinda of New Zealand.

  9. I am irritated seeing women with huge pieces of cloth wrapped around their heads; There is absolutely no need for this , you are merely blatantly telling us all that you are "special" – better than us infidels. You are not, you are just foolish

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