November 30, 2021

43 thoughts on “Deported to Jamaica: 'I was panicking, crying' – BBC Newsnight

  1. When you go abroad make sure you open a bank account in your home country and send atleast $200 a month atleast. That's what we Kenyans do. So that when we go back we aren't crying or bitching.

  2. The Jamaican- gleaner had newspaper information in the year 20216 office work in the English language of Jamaicans being deported from England, leaving England for Jamaica because the lawmakers written down in law work that the Jamaican needs to leave the UK is U.K laws on claimes that the law is try to help you~ Jamaican this year.

  3. They deserve to be deported I wish we done this to the channel crossings

    Anywhere the world you attack someone with a weapon you would be removed why we so fucking soft in this country!!!!!!!

  4. England do yourselves a favour look see observe evaluate…and save this country, many diff backgrounds are detrimental to the way this country functions, majority of the stabbings in England are carried out by the same type of people that are in this vid!

  5. This is the problem with the narrow minded, minupluating WOKE journalism of the BBC. Here they even go so far as to portray rapists, murders and pedophiles as the victims! Honestly; has the BBC completely lost its moral compass between what's right and wrong? Yes we should deport them!!!! I thought we were a country for those wanting to move to in order to make a future for themselves, a career. Not a breeding ground for worldwide criminals, what difference does it make when they moved here. If anything, it's proven that even with our education system and them growing up here they have still chosen the criminal life, and therefore shouldn't have the right to stay here.

  6. What about the victims!! BBC doesn't give a toss about Britain. What about the kids affected by their crimes.
    Rupert – no sympathy. You are not British. Should of respected the country.

  7. Punishment is too severe, these people have children etc, why lock them up in the 1st place if your going to deport them?? (Prison is a money making scheme) that the rich/the country benefits from. Anyone can get angry & lash out, we’re all humans(well….hmm….) DISGUSTING/rac*st set of people.

    Much respect to all who are fighting to stop this unfair/prejudice treatment of African-Caribbean people!

  8. Imagine going leaving your home and coming back only to see your expensive TV, computer and other things of value gone! Who really knows how many homes he burglarized? It happened to me already. He is definitely a threat to the society at large! Send out the damn thief! He wasn't too sick to rob from hard working people was he. They put his thieving ass where it belongs in a shit hole!

  9. These are criminals and they will never change even if you give them chance after chance. You are not British. All drama in-front of the camera. One less criminals thanks to home office. Keep it up.

  10. I strongly disagree with the ‘ country they love’ comment. we are not far more British than Jamaica. We live in UK and are Jamaicans/Caribbeans. The fact that most of our grandparents came here and majority of them off the Windrush was only meant to stay here for 5 years work and go back to 🇯🇲. The fact that they stayed knowing that they had kids ands then they had kids means that we’re born into racial discriminating environment who has no ore need of the Jamaicans and their children and who don’t want us excelling in their system. You have no idea what it’s like being black in the U.k And coming from a Caribbean back ground especially for this younger generation in the cities. I would prefer to go back home and live off the land
    And sell my crops

  11. Literally not a shred of sympathy for anyone who commits a crime here and gets deported. People, babies are dying to get here. Hahahahah he voted for Boris Johnson! hahahahahahahaha. Hope they never get a chance to come back

  12. Somebody asked me how I voted in the election and I voted Boris. Wow, such a disconnect between what the black guy felt about his home country UK and what the govt felt about people like him. He clearly thought he was British but govt just saw him a foreign. Lol. There is too much racism in the world. Don't know why people can't just live and let live.

  13. "Newsnight has spoken to two of the 17 convicted offenders deported to Jamaica on 10 February."
    – I'm welling up here.

    "Between them they leave behind five young children in the UK."
    – They should have thought of that before they committed the crime.

    Why is the BBC pandering to these twats ?

  14. People be saying he’s a criminal but if he lived there since being a child, he should stay in the uk with criminal record and he voted in the election to vote you need to be a citizen.

  15. I honestly feel badly for this man. Yet, I believe TMH has not put him where He can't find him! Brother, I know it's hard but try to pick yourself up and start all over again! You're still a young man and all things are possible especially when one has youth in his favor!💯

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