December 3, 2021

42 thoughts on “Deric Muhammad gives the hard truth about the black community – Dr Boyce Watkins

  1. Brother Deric is very knowledgeable of "the time and what must be done" I follow him on Twitter. I'm about to follow him on Instagram. Very motivating Brother.

  2. Excellent discussion. One more thing in regards to Mr. Cosby, I find it interesting that Harvey Weinstein was not treated this way. And Weinstein's accuser is now hiding in the remote jungles of Mexico for her own security…but nobody is talking about it that I am aware of in mainstream media.

  3. Yo/Dr. Watkins/I see my profile says I've been a member for 6 yrs/not true! I've been a member for at least 10 years/and should be wealthy by now with all the great info you've shared! check it out!

  4. I most definitely concur with both ur sentiments about Mr. Cosby/and have been in many debates in ref. to his situation! And I also highly agree that he wouldn't have been released had it been 100% legal and moral! NO AND NO/about both questions relating to white supremacy! Tell it!

  5. Islam – Good deeds are required to outweigh bad deeds in order to see paradise.

    You can’t merit a relationship with God. Good deeds does not change evil behavior. Evil conduct is a desire of the heart rooted in selfishness. A person can have hatred in their heart, while doing a “good deed”. Genuine good deeds are a by product of transformed hearts (desires) that practice living in truth, integrity, and righteousness.

    The gospel – look to Yeshua, repent of your evil deeds, allow the spirit of truth to guide your conduct and desires. Practice a lifestyle of Integrity and righteousness and you will be saved from eternal separation from God. The gospel exposes that evil deeds come from the heart and if your heart ( desires and affections) is corrupt then it doesn’t matter how much good deeds you do, they will not save you. God weighs the content of the heart not deeds.

  6. We can start B1 by teaching our black men to date and marry black women instead of white women or latina and vice versa. Other groups mostly marry women of their own culture.

  7. Extremely wise and intelligent brother!
    When an UNRIGHTEOUS person gives you information make sure you verify it before you end up harming an innocent person and regretting it.

  8. I identify with “Good Times” because my parents were authoritative like James and Florida. And my Father is from Mississippi. Damn. And I remember when I began to gravitate to Malcolm X and The Black Panthers she would say “Turn that hate off, God is love!” I miss and love her though.

  9. house2homeplus
    When hispanics comes to the border biden and kamsla welcomes them put them in apartments , feed them and settle them through out america……then black haitians comes to the border and biden and dems kick the out in the mist horrible inhumane condition and deports them….black haitians not welcome….where is AOC where is roland msrtin where is pro publia where is black caucus

  10. B1 and again thank you dr. Boyce Watkins and and The Honorable Derek Muhammad great talking point as long as our people have the willingness to teach and learn and have a good understanding what's going on in this world that they call the Americas we will learn how to fight this war continue to do this my black people I was truth will continue to speak up for us be strong and may peace be with you at all times

  11. Exactly ….it's so backwards …it's sickening ….the point on Bill Cosby is spot on…if his civil rights weren't violated than why LIE and CHEAT to gain a conviction …that's white supremecy do what you want how you want…the very essence of Wickedness ….

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