December 1, 2021

20 thoughts on “[DETAILED] Repatriation Process explained + Quarantine | Dubai to South Africa

  1. how did you apply for the repatriation?? and i am not south african but i have a wife in south africa and she is from there>>>> and i have a valid perment residence visa

    please if you can help how can i apply and if im allowed or not?

    thank you

  2. This was so interesting shooo!! You went through it but glad you home safe. So the quarantine process and staying at the hotel, was it at your own expense? Coz wow already 15k is a lot for the flight🙆🏽‍♀️.

  3. Thank you for information gorgie❤I didn't know this was the to return home( embassy wise). Still planning to return home but not sure yet..Welcome home, take care.

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