September 21, 2023
Deus Ex & Black Lives Matter

fools are offended and criticize Mankind Divided’s parallels to the movement. Apparently doesn’t sympathize blatantly for them, and that’s bad.

Let us home that this is the last time sympathizers of the movement attempt to mettle in our video games.

I have no patience for groups that chant for dead cops and violence. And it sure seems odd how so many openly people just happen to support . And also have jobs in the gaming industry.


46 thoughts on “Deus Ex & Black Lives Matter

  1. Im not going to waste my time trying to explain to you how stupid your ideology is all I can say is you need to spend 1yr in South Central Los Angeles then make your comments.
    Its guys like you that make USA a terrible place.

  2. I agree with you. But I do have to say having come from a poor neighborhood in West LA, black people do have a poor inheritance, which historically we are to blame (By we I mean any, including blacks, that have participated in racially excused slavery). Unfortunately, they have bit the bad bullet as a means for our society to be as it is. And that's why survivors guilt, especially for me being out of my poor gang infested block in West LA, comes to me, and why I have to acknowledge the existence of our societies systematic (as in social – not legal- oppression, which is unfortunately and realistically equally deciding). The statistics you mention are symptoms of a subsect in American society that has been damaged by historical misdeeds. Such misdeeds affect people all over the world, whether it be civil war, segregation, genocide, ethnicide, etc.

    It only makes sense that consequences exist for actions, even our actions as a society. For African Americans, it is true that they are aware of consequences in regards to their actions, but they have little ability to act on that knowledge, even no reason, especially when food and self reliance is a matter of "hopefully" and if".

    And this doesnt mean I agree with the specifics and mannerisms and even goals of the organization known as Black Lives Matter. But the founding principle to me is compassion for a race that has in the past been disgraced and humiliated and wronged. For me, it is my compassion that makes me care for them in a different way than I do for white or other peoples. Every race and nationality has their own historical problems which require a different level of compassion, or a different expression of it. For white Americans there is problems with what to do with wealth, for African Americans it is statistically more often they face problems of poverty.

    Overall, social equality is my goal (utopia cannot exist, and the great freedoms of capitalism are uncertain in a socially equal world where race passes through the mind without notice), but first we as inheritors of past situations must overcome the sins of our fathers, for the blood of our sons. There is nothing the government can do to stop this, it must be the decision of the people of all races, nationalities and ethnicities. And as noted, social acceptance of one another despite race would be hard if not impossible, but that won't keep me from helping people and doing my best to show compassion to those that have less.

  3. About what he says in Star Wars, of the obviously good rebels fighting the obviously bad empire… that's not actually correct.
    In the movies, we see the story unfold by the point of view of Luke, first a victim of empire cruelty, then a Jedi who of course will fight the Sith in command of the Empire. However, in multiple cases the extended universe shows, between comics, books, videogames and tv shows, that the empire is cruel and ruthless in its pursuit of the rebels because they are terrorists. Multiple times they employ terrorists tactics, or use the empire legitimate response to their attacks to rally the people against it.
    Now, the Empire in star wars is corrupted. but that's not because it's an empire, it is corrupted because it's under the leadership of a sith. The very belief of the siths is that peace is a lie, and passion is the only thing that matters. So it comes naturally that the people in charge of the empire under the emperor will follow their passion to the detriment of the people they're supposed to protect. In the same way, there are many Imperial officers and governors who care about the people under them. In a way, the Empire mirrors perfectly many religiously led civilizations and people of Earth. Remove the Emperor and put a non-religious figure in charge, and most of these problems will be fixed.

    On a somewhat unrelated topic, wanna know why I don't like part of the ending of the last jedi? No? Well, you read this far, you might as well continue:
    Rose stops Fin from commiting suicide in destroying the Order's "battering ram", claiming that they'll win by protecting what they love and not destroying what they hate. This piss me off a bit, because it's the exact opposite of what happened in the first six movies. The rebellion doesn't care about protecting anything, they just want to destroy the Empire because they hate it. Their leaders hate it because it destroyed the republic (which was itself a corrupt and malfunctioning government) and their soldiers are comprised mostly of people who had everything taken from them by the empire. They fight for hate, not for love. It's actually impossible to fight for love.
    If they wanted to make Luke in Episode 8 really have a reason for leaving everything he fought for behind, they should have made it because he was disappointed that everyone was making the same mistakes the republic did.

    Sorry for going on a huge tangent off of a single line Rags said. I'm done ranting now. Thank you for reading.

  4. Just so you know, "systematic" and "systemic" aren't interchangeable. In the article, the word was "systemic," but you said "systematic." Which raises a question. Why are Black/White and African-American/Caucasian used interchangeably?

  5. Rags, you might want to take a look at what Black Lives Matter started off with, in Florida with a white guy getting off for murdering an unarmed teenage boy.

    Yes, that was appropriated by thugs, but it isn't as if the movement started off with no credibility.

  6. Except the Legion gives it´s trade caravans more security than the corrupt NCR, as far as trade goes the Legion is the best for the male traders and to do the ultimate evil ending you have to let Caesar Die and let Lanius take charge.

  7. Thanks to affirmitive actions, quatas and other university race related issues… its actually true. But only as POSITIVE racism…treating black like babies so you get to make them weak and vote for you. Its disgusting and the vilest form of racism ever.

    And sicne it means others like azkanazi jews and asiasn and white are suffering from those policies… its actually rasist toward EVERYONE. Oh not the art, but the ideas behind the people who responded.

  8. Definitely with you on feminist issues. However, so say African Americans and other minorities in our country face no systematic oppression is just an ridiculous comment to make. Other than that I enjoy your content.

  9. it seems like 26:04 the writer here doesnt understand that games are an interactive medium, putting words in the mouths of players is what rpg devs have been trying to avoid for as long as rpgs have existed

  10. With the part where he talks about Fallout 3 New Vegas factions, I must disagree on it being drastically different. Ceaser's Legion are like the Nord side in Skyrim with their lack of tech and mistreatment of those they deem less than them. The New California Republic are like the Imperial side with their better tech and absolute corruption in the government and catering to those with money. I am certain that the ones that see the New California Republic as being better are partially blinded on account to what party they have in real life and the tendency to see the real modern California as some sort of socialist utopia. From my experience in the game, both sides care for only themselves and not the people of New Vegas. One example is the mission to direct the power somewhere and both NCR and CL do not want the people to have any of the electricity. They are both jerks and corrupt in their own way.

    For Fallout 4, the Railroad is not the morally better one in my opinion. The Railroad only cared for synths and not real people. It was an attempt to recreate the set of missions in Fallout 3 to free the slaves and take out the slavers, or the other way around. In the end it was more pc than anything. Each faction was good and bad in their own right. If anything, the Minutemen (despite the annoyance that is preston) is the most morally right for it is neutral and inclusive to most individuals. It also has an unwavering sense of justice. If one were in with the raiders in the Nuka World dlc, the Minutemen would put their foot down and do nothing for or with the player. The other factions would not care whether or not the player was a raider leader.

    For his part on Skyrim, Ulfric did not take out the emperor. He took out the high king of Skyrim. Both sides are probably the most equal in terms of grey area. Ulfric's side was xenophobic yet supported religious freedom. The Imperial side was not xenophobic in the same way as Ulfric's side, yet oppressed the freedom of religion. Both sides would not let any Khajiit into their cities.

  11. Well in fallout I think it’s nice that they paint one side as evil and one as good.
    Cause that’s what fallout has always been. You be evil or good or you can go fuck both of them.
    That’s what fallout is so they should make it obvious. Thanks for reading this.

    Fuck BLM.

  12. Oh look, Leftist complaining about something that they wouldn't be able to if they understood something called Culture and understand that there are different Cultures even within the Western World.

    And I didn't know about the definition behind the title. I'm now interested in playing it. Thanks!

  13. Augs lives matter is actually a thing I would say. I would not say Black Lives Matter as I know and work with a ton of Black people my boss is Black I do not even know if "I have a Black friend" as I have so many and care so little.

  14. Little that he know when he did the analogy, even Doom was panned for being racist using the "Demons" term as being derogatory, i guess hell should get with the times and be politically correct as well.
    But a lot of that is on reaction guys like you also, because one guy or one famously woke magazine writes an article about something stupid like that, that no one cares about besides the handful of people that are brainwashed with the same mindset, but then there are tens/hundreds of youtubers making a video about it, moking it and more importantly giving it attention, and mostly done for the views. So in a way you are creating an issue from a non issue just so you can make a video making fun of it or presenting a side to people that by your own admission don't want to debate anything and will never be open to any argument, so its not just pointless you are making it worse, by validating their claims that there are those who oppose them, instead of letting them just fade in obscurity?
    Like who created Anita Sarceesian, she didn't rise up on her own, it was all the youtubers and media that started reacting to her, giving her attention, making her claim valid not because of her arguments, but because of all the hate and actual sexism that was thrown at her, after she got all the attention with her bs.

  15. Rags, you miss the whole point… morally grey areas make you THINK… that is the important part… that is what SJW types hate… when people THINK, it's bad in the eyes of SJW types. These people want you not to THINK, but to blindly agree. Otherwise these groups would vanish in a matter of weeks. They need blindly obeying idiots, otherwise they are dead.

  16. Rags, I think you are wrong with the decision making in games when SJW are in power of decision.
    There will be no choices, the freedom to chose would be dictated by the SJW. Even the possibility of another option is white supremacy. xD

  17. 29:50 not fo4. 3. 3 does just that with bos. the enclave is pure evil, bos are literal knights in shining (power) armor. then fnv said no you're dumb, and fo4 went a bit more gray trying to imitate it.

    32:56 in the original first game that was literally the case. the ai, helios was an artificial "god" born out of a machine, and one of the endings had the hero, j.c.denton merge with it to become its physical avatar, creating a world where mankind and machine fully merge and man is aided by the machine's pure logic are led away from the darkness of his everyday emotional instability.

  18. There's a difference between augs live matter and black lives matter. Augs are just enhancing humans, why should they be treated less? Black lives matter is literally a terrorist organization that thinks blacks are oppressed

  19. They like it if it supports SJW views or smashes the right. Not a sinlge person crying abt this wouldve bought the game

    And who is fragile? You cant say anything remotely negative abt a minority in public without facing being cancelled, they need to be represented, its not stop crying abt everything and their feelings w every excuse in the world. Yet anyone freely uses slurs, discriminates, commits hate crimes, and freelay admits racism against Europeans… but whaite fragility is a thing

    Btw im pretty sure "carolyn petit" is a dood that went to volunteer for anita scarsleezian

  20. Rags, have your opinions on BLM changed at all recently? Now in 2020, it has come to the forefront of politics and everyday socializing. Given the events of the summer, it seems there's some credence to their views, but how much?

  21. It's funny you Rag say "think about a game you've played recently", becuase when you were talking I was thinking about FarCry4, a game I've bought recently thanks to black friday's 80% off (yeh, I'm a poor guy xD). On the initial mission for the resistence, you are faced with a choice: support the one who wants to save people in danger, or forfeit theyr soldier lives and bring home intel able to make the war shorter. What would you do? Yes, the intel is important and less people will suffer if the conflict ends, but on the other end what's the point in winning if you let your people die in the process, leaving nothing to save anyway? And after a while, I was really disturbed by how the game was going: yes, they fight for they freedom, but they fuel theyr fighting by dealing opium. And while noone wants a tyrant, what the soldier are doing with arms and propaganda is trying to stabilize a country that produce only misery until the conflict is resolved. I agree they deserve liberty, but I've not signed to be a drug lord… what to do?

  22. Seeing this video makes me look back to the semi-better days when movements such as BLM didn't exactly get much traction because people weren't supposed to be dumb enough to pander to their whining.

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