November 26, 2022

40 thoughts on “Diamond Rush in South Africa After the Discovery of Unidentified Diamond Like Stones

  1. We dont need no experts or none of nobody help. Our people can figure this out for ourselves which WE ALREADY KNOW the land is blessed with honey and milk. You gentiles back the hell up.

  2. That is good that at least the fortunes are filtering through to the downtrodden people. Make use of this new found fortunes in a better and useful way.
    I have a piece also which is crystal clear ( diamond with the true diamond shape) almost 35mm in length and the centre girth almost 25mm. It is a real gem. Am looking for the market.

  3. Y'all gonna let the Europeans take all that land n resources 2? Probably. Watch them make some fake claim 2 it. Don't sign anything, that gives them ur power of attorney. Stop giving the oppressors your blessimgs….. Marsha.

  4. I hope no one is going to collect the diamond that the villagers are harvesting from them. Bear in mind that God has given them. And the perpetrators call Africa the poorest countries. Africa must take full control of their wealth and not allowing foreigners to do anymore mining on our continent and let see who is poor. Africa will be the ones issuing sanctions to the rest of the world. Stop importing second hand goods into Africa, it's full of curses.

  5. Our race has suffered so much…thank God some of us are finding valuable resources to ease the frustration and poverty brought on by wicked, greedy politicians and their foreign counterparts. I hope the state doesn't try to take back whatever was discovered as is reported will happen in DRC. All around the world people are suffering and the dishonest wealthy (some wealthy people are hardworking and honest) have no qualms taking every single scrap for themselves. It's shameful to be human!

  6. You better look out for the Western World.
    Especially China and the Arabs.
    Please don't let this Good news be telecast World Wide. Keep your findings in Africa News Network. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  7. Wasnt there a gold rush recently in another village in the Congo? Now..acres of diamond. Yet we are made to believe we have no wealth becaz of exploitation and thieft of foreigner countries/minining ,The Chinese are all over Africa signing concessions contract with waiver on minerals rights . And there's no geniune legal review and procedures of these contracts ?

  8. This is not actually a new thing in SA. This has happened constantly since ancient times. This is what brought the β€œdiversity” of people from around the world (especially poor Europe) to SA. It’s been a 600 year diamond rush.

  9. Lol all this reminds me of Joshua Maphonga lll this is just the beginning to show Alkebullan that u hv been deprived for something that SHE can pop it up on surface just to show Zim did so Kongo did so now Azania what else to see but for me l wish for Alkebullan to spit fire now o throw terrorizers and their ball boys into the deepest ocean

  10. Where are the experts of gems from Africa, why do outsiders need to tell them if the gems are diamonds or not, come on Africans let’s o it ourselves. It’s time. πŸ‘πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸ½

  11. God is slow and surely.
    The sufferings for Africans was for a purpose.
    The WEST thought they could drained Africa till it becomes empty.
    That is why they wanted to impose BIRTH control, because to them everything was almost finished.
    Then African leaders will continue to run to them for HELP as usual.
    This is Africa new generation and GOD is exposing what he kept for them in secret.
    This is time for Africa to emerge and the West can not do anything.
    Only the local population is seeing the hidden treasure. It happens in Congo.

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