September 16, 2021

43 thoughts on “Diaspora Africans moving to Africa must listen/ #African Americans #African mindset

  1. Our “ghetto” behaviors was an ignorant comment at best. You are ill informed, prejudice, and insensitive. Educate yourself FULLY before you get online spreading a narrative that’s been propagated against ppl of color for the benefit of white ppl . I’m disgusted actually .

  2. The guy Bokina fasso, was not mentally stable, he had been arrested earlier and the Us embassy had him released, and went back to that area where subsaquently shot.

  3. Peace Sis, I think you need to mention the fact that the brother that was killed in BF had mental issues, he was diagnosed but did not take his mesication.

    Secondly, The brother that was attacked was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He did NOTHING wrong.

    Lastly, neither one of these brothers went with a "Ghetto" mindset. One was not in his right mind and the other was/is super respectful. This narrative that we are ghetto needs to stop. Some Africans sound just like YP PO when speaking on BA.

  4. How do u know that he has people there willing to help him, but u didn't know why he was visiting the area where he was killed? Also, how did u gauge his behavior to be "ghetto"? This is a shameful lack of assessment, I actually thought u were an unbiased YouTuber, guess not.

  5. I think every one should use a bit of common sense, just as you would going to any country.
    Do not bring attention to your self.
    Do not carry more money than you need to
    Do not show off / pose
    Dress down / casual
    Do not speak at the top of your voice so everyone knows there is an American in the house
    Do not boast / swear / threaten / try to claim rights ie in America that's not how we do this
    Be respectful and diplomatic,
    Learn to walk away
    it is just as easy to make friends as enemies, but better to make friends.

  6. I’m so happy you did this video….. I have traveled a lot and I always see American bring they ways to the place they travel … for example the want the American food and not try something new … looking at people in a strange way ..what’s the sense of going to another and not respecting the people culture and ways of that country…. America is not that great as you think

  7. Please Be Advised many AA live in States with open gun carry Laws, which means seeing everyday citizens wearing guns on their waist so please understand and Be very Sensitive to AA limited knowledge who are trying to repatriate, to know how to " when in Rome Do as The Romans Do" they are only asking to learn via internet, face to face etc. as there is no harm or Danger in Asking!

  8. I was with you until you said “ Gheto behavior”. Right there tells me that you have been propagandized. Did you know these men? What “ ghetto” did they come from?

  9. He thought agents where following him….schizophrenia and he is bipolar and was not on his meds correctly. He had a medical problem and this is a fact. He was trying to get away from who was following him that’s why he went to the military base…..they did not know of his problem. Condolences to his family May the brother Rest In Peace 🙏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽🤲🏽

  10. first of all, people need to stop believing the narrative that the guy had a mental disease or Schizophrenia bullshit! that guy was an MK ultra poppet send by the American government to create chaos during elections, they knew killing him during election time would create an international scandal! America is known for doing shit like this, second Africa is safe so long you comply with the rules and pay attention to what's going on, Africa just like Latin America and Asian countries during elections are dangerous, so long you mind your own business, don't do anything illegal you should be good.,and seriously we all know messing with the military is asking to be killed, hell people been killed in America for trying to climb over the fence to get into area 51 by the military so it's not surprising that the military reacted the way they did, the guy was acting crazy near a government building, for real now, you do that same shit near the white house and you get a bullet through your head before you can blink, you go around acting crazy near any government building around the world you get your ass shot we all know this shit! people need to stop trying to make it seem like the soldiers shot him on purpose, they were doing their job.

  11. Why don´t you tell Gambians how to behave in other people´s countries so they wont get their ass chased away/deported? And I see a lot of Gambians defending non blacks who oppress them and destroy their kids, but show very strong hate to blacks who´s ancestors were betrayed and now are returning to the land of their birthright. Stop being such hypocrites.


  13. The guy that was shot and killed by breaking rules in Burkina Faso should have calmed down. But election time anywhere is HOT! Especially nowadays. I wish he listened to the repat that has been there over a year. He should have listened and calm down. Wasn't wise. But who knows🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

  14. My understanding from JT is that the brother was skizophrenic and bipolar disorders. In this case when someone has mental issues it would have been a high probably that might have happened in the USA as police and military are not trained to recognize mental illness. As far as guns are concerned your right in Africa not necessary. Mostly southern states are ridiculous with their right to own guns.

  15. I'm still mad at you for playing all this beautiful Afrikan music and not telling us the artists. you ain't right. I guess the implication is I should visit and find out for myself. maybe you're right. I ain't really mad, I'm just saying…

  16. seems like good advice Princess. asante sana. I live in US. we need continental insight like you are providing. Amen to the sentiment that we should not bring western bs, that we acquired here, home. by the way, your name Binta is the same name as Kunta Kinte's mother in "Roots". Roots helped us AA's connect our Afrikan Cultural past to our present situation. you are helping to connect our minds to the motherland so it seems we have come full circle once again. the name Binta must be the name of a spiritual force. peace Sista

  17. The question we as black people have to ask in incidents like these,is ,,,if he was white would he have been shot? Me thinks not, as Whites are always given the chance to speak, its part of the white privilege that ALL whites are afforded…black soldiers killing black people with ease…….smdh BLM???

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