September 18, 2021

40 thoughts on “DIASPORAN HUSTLERS IN AFRICA | Pro Interns – Vanessa Atim | Moving to Africa Series

  1. Thank you ladies… I have been living outside Uganda for more than 10 years… I never had any thoughts is returning permanently but I thought of it when I saw this video… I admire you ladies… Thank you Vanessa…

  2. Great content, love yours shows. I however have one piece of constructive feedback. Refrain from cutting your interviewees off or speaking over them, let them complete they points.

    Otherwise, this is amazing !!

  3. This is very interesting. I've learned so much. I really want to come home. Born and grew up outside ug. What really struck me is the bit about meetings😂😂😂. Explains a lot about experiences I've had.

  4. Oh girls you are really motivatimh of us i am still dreaming of coming home its actually giving sleepless nights soon be on the move

  5. I was very much interested in what Vanessa had to say. Though, I'm not a fan of interviewers talking over interviewees! I don't know if it's nerves, or not being used to let the sun shine on others.

  6. I love love the topic, thanks for sharing. Our population is so young and dynamic we have to do planning by ourselves and stop waiting on the government. And the system is crippling because people are willing to try but no chance is given, all job ads require 3 years minimum experience in most fields, mentorship is almost non-existent in workplaces. Lack of consistency from organizations is another thing creating a poor work attitude. People are really demotivated even when they have employment. Then it is weird how kids do not know much about delayed gratification, saving, investments, and all. Am looking to relocate back to Uganda but I keep wondering how to make it better not just for myself but countless of youth too. I know we can do better if we knew better.

  7. Here we go, i love the patriotic discipline portrayed here. Dear sister i know one day you shall interview me because i am coming home after this education, "barrier," to move my "why must i come back home 36:05 "

  8. I love this. I live in the UK and my business is in Uganda so its interesting to see how you guys are transitioning and making the most of living and working in uganda.

  9. You did well but it would be great if you remove that fake hair from your head and embrace African hairstyles. Do you that hair was given to some idol god? You don’t know if that person was a prostitute, molester, dead or murderer yet you were their hair. You are wasting your money on dead spiritual things.

  10. This is so inspiring ! I'm moving to Guinee, West Africa after I graduate. I've been in Toronto for most of my life and only been back two years ago but when I went I found a peace I did not even know I was looking for. I've been working towards moving there ever since 🙂 It's so exciting !

  11. Rachael love your positive energy i think you. should work in TV you really have the personality and skills for it.Love watching your channel and i wish you all the best and i know you are going to go very far as you have the right positive attitude.

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