By this time, Madagascar guitarist, Freddy de Majunga, left to continue his solo career and vocalist Fede Lawu left as well.

2eme dance

Vocals: Diblo Dibala, Laskino Ngomateke, Otis Mbuta, David Mondo, Electra Weston, Antoinette Yelessa, Thielly la Police
Solo Guitar: Diblo Dibala
Rhythm Guitarist: Jean Pierre Kinzaki, Lokassa Ya M’Bongo
Bassist: Pablo Lubadika, Fellyko (joined from Victoria Eleison)
Drums: Komba Bellow
Percussion: Serge Bimangou
Maracas: 3615 Code Niawou
Drum Programming: Michel Lorenz
Synth: Phiippe Guez

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