June 6, 2023
Dicks in the FBI - Radical Reviewer

#fbi #cointelpro
The Radical Reviewer taking a look at Richard G. Held and Richard W. Held and their repression of the Black Panther Party, the , Puerto Rico Independence Movement, & Earth First!.



Twitter: @ReviewerRadical

Voice Over Help by Bemundolack.

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Leonard Peltier Documentary:

Puerto Rican Independence Documentary:

Who Bombed Judi Bari? Documentary:


27 thoughts on “Dicks in the FBI – Radical Reviewer

  1. Won of the big Radicalizers for me was the stories of the Black Panthers. Like, I couldn't honestly think America was great after realizing that they just murdered those legends in the BPP.

  2. Does anyone else pronounce it coin-tell-pro? I had been reading about it years before I ever heard it said aloud, and I can't shake my head pronunciation…

  3. Bill Barr is doing “axiological, temporal and spatial proximization” as a construal of a gathering ideological clash between the “home values” of the discourse space central entities inside-deictic-center and the alien and antagonistic outside-deictic-center values

    Beware of Bill Barr! I told you long ago USA have federale problem (bona fide fascism)

    with this in mind you can see how it fits right into most of Barr’s/trumps “they’re pouring in“/‘invasions’ type rhetoric and dog whistling

    this type of Temporal, axiological & spatial Proximization strategy is quite often used in eliminationist/anti-immigration and war rhetoric and uses lexical presuppositional triggers and dog whistle as well.

    Barr’s lexical data features are replete with use of specific or nonspecific disjunct equipollents and lexical presuppositional triggers within his discourse space indicates more about this person than anything does

    this is almost the entire genre of online first person games and other games and once you realize this you realize how truly pathetic and sad and what a hopeless case humanity is, especially if it continues with this addiction to hyper reality
    you must check this out. this eliminationist herrenvolk racist stochastic pogroms have been going on since forever but it got really bad with Pete Wilson in California and has been increasing horrible since. The doxa of America has literally been poisoned by this racist trash for over 3 to 4 decades at least.






  4. Frank, Doyle, where have I heard that name before… OH YEAH!
    Today on Mythbusters: Can a shrapnel based bomb with a motion trigger destroy logging equipment? Jamie and Adam get the help of Frank Doyle Jr, an FBI Bomb expert with over 30 years of experience, to find out. It's going to be a Blast!

  5. These are such great reminders for the "ah, why do you hate america bruh, leave the country then". It reminds me of the cops pos blm marchs, "I don't know why they are angry at us cops". One is chill though, build the future.

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