September 22, 2023

13 thoughts on “DID ALL PEOPLE ORIGINATE IN AFRAKA? THE SHOCKING FACTS!! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. Don’t understand how do you have that map of shades in front of you with all that brown and still say we black. Indoctrination still. But keep bringing the knowledge though bruh. Appreciated

  2. Seti gets more ignorant as he gets older… this mf act like science dont change and develop… it makes sense since the coi-san are naturally lighter skinned and they always said the subsaharan African didn't have neanderthal dna… they didn't say all Africans

  3. Studies have shown that a lot of African animals that we think are African animals did not originate in Africa such as the lion the zebra elephants and so on look it up.

  4. Brother love there are Europeans living in South Africa 🇿🇦 and have been there now for well over 100 years.. and the Chinese are there now in mass.. your theory is a lil flawed about they can’t biologically survive in Africa..

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