September 21, 2023
Did Ben Shapiro SMACK DOWN 'Black Lives Matter'? | My Opinion

PLEASE, WATCH THE VIDEO UNTIL THE END. Let’s have a healthy conversation in the comments section.
After checking out “Transgender Debate”, I had to check out more of .
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Did SMACK DOWN ‘Black Lives Matter’? | My Opinion

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30 thoughts on “Did Ben Shapiro SMACK DOWN 'Black Lives Matter'? | My Opinion

  1. If it can’t be proven the default can’t be racism, if that’s ur mindset then all ur life you’ll use victim mentality instead of hero mentality. You will fail 29 out of 30 times in job opportunities but you can’t say it’s because he’s black im white or he’s white im black. You critique yourself and say how can I approve?

  2. The Ben Shapiro comment about being Jewish enough shows this literally is why it’s a culture issue. What you do to yourself as far facial tattoos and piercings can have an effect on ur career, you represent a business and that appearance matters if you are in the view of customers. It’s just a fact of how people are

  3. I believe this is literally my first comment on YouTube ever so be kind lol. I just found Van a few weeks ago. You will never agree with everything anyone says. Ever. Our attitudes are as uniqe as our fingerprints.

    In general I usually agree with 90% of what Van says. It seems the moments in which he begins to reach out a bit more and become more vulnerable are the moments in which he perceives others to not be articulating the points in which they are clearly educated enough to articulate.

    What I take from that is that Van is protective by nature, and be does it in such a way that doesn't cause harm, but maybe starts to brush the edge of untruth at times. I say good on you Van. Love what you're doing brother.

  4. The problem is that black people act like because your black all of you should have the same experiences which is nonsense then if anything gets put on black people this default racism is utter bullshyt blacks are far more racist then whites are you want facts here. Whites have the highest rate of interracial marriage white businesses hire more black people then black business the number 1 music in America is rap and hiphop the vast majority of young white kids can tell you who there favorite sports players are but they cant wear that players jersey because blacks bully them. White people are just as likely to adopt a black brown or asian child. All white nations allow colored immigrants were most black run countries will not let whites in. Your sitting here acting like its race vs race and your so blinded about what is said the only thing your seeing is why are the blacks and mexican going after the white guy when the conversation has nothing to do with insults the mexican lady was speaking about at home with her family her loyalty to race is questioned if she doesnt follow the standard and they were making the point that blacks who like Thomas Sowell are called not black enough. See America is unique and no other system has ever attempted what the US is and the core principle is that the individual is above all else and the group is second so when you here this systemic racism its nonsense because of that premise thats why you cant find anyone who can speak on built in racism

  5. Ben Shapiro answered his own questions. As he stated it's all about culture and has nothing to do with race and the culture developed because the Civil Rights Movement ruined the black family

  6. I can talk about why single mothers jumped from 20% to 70% it’s because women these days think being a single mom is the best thing in life they would rather take child support than having a man around ….. and some of these men dont know how to be husbands they just want to be coming home get 🐱 eat go to work and repeat, …. Its ok to take care of the house once in awhile cook, clean, get ahead of her doing stuff… have a goal to work on things together

  7. why does everything a white person has have to be equal to blacks? you get what you earn. blacks lack self accountability. and until they face the truth, their ideology isn't going to change. you can't blame everything on other people and then expect to change. change starts with yourself.

  8. im sorry but i know plenty of black people who have more power than myself, i grew up poor in a wealthy suburb. cops have hidden evidence from me, a cop sprained my wrists when he arrested me and almost broke my leg. i get pulled over for no reason, my dads been arrester over 150 times. my brother was told yesterday when he got pulled over for doing 45 in a 45 that his license plate had been ran by cops 40 times in the last 4 days, when most people only get their plate run 4 times in a month. you are ignorant because most of these things arent just issues that blacks face

  9. This video was from back when Van was still brainwashed and living with the victim mentality.

    I don’t think he’d have the same reaction today.

  10. Hahahaha you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you could have answered Bens initial statement, you would have but you can’t, so you didn’t. It’s as simple as that. Take responsibility for your own people.

  11. What on earth are you talking about “people in power” do you even know what you mean by that??? 😂 You have lots of black mayors, attorney generals, lawyers, judges, councillors what on earth are you talking about?

  12. You said “don’t generalise black people don’t think like that then two minutes later you say “we just don’t understand why some races hate black people”. Bro, trust me. You hate white people. I don’t have black people. Just between me and you on a personal level, your incredibly racist and I’m not.

  13. There's poor people everywhere. They're victims of their own circumstances this world is more opportunity. Then it's ever had

  14. So when obama was in power black people thrived?
    I didn't see no difference in nothing when Obama was president. A black man in power and there was nothing different with a black woman in power as a vice president
    Kamilla harris.

  15. We have a criminal problem in the black community in this country these days with black people glorifying CAREER CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and demonizing police saying bullshit like "fuck you pigs!"

  16. White dude was right it's about and not race.
    I noticed the broadcaster the single parent household in the black jumped from 27% to over 70 during the Civil Rights movement.

  17. I think there is no better time to be successful than this as black civilian. Every door is open, what changes is the comunity entourage that spins around black individuals, that is contrary of the open doors from nowdays. It's racism reverso these days, but the ones with poor knowledge that love to always blame whites for everything are the people to simply take distance from them and move on, while stable families are important for black comunities as education should not be left outside. I think there should be more talk shows where black people start talking about improvements and stop blaming others for not reaching their goals, today every race could be a successful doctor, a successful lawyer, an investor, an engineer, a poet or writter. It's all about how you push yourself and your thinking behaviours outside the box.

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