September 20, 2023
Did George Soros give Black Lives Matter millions?

Many people believe that billionaire philanthropist, Mr. , gave millions of dollars.

This long video provides step-by-step demonstrations of the research completed to provide an answer to the question: Did give millions of dollars to support its activities?

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32 thoughts on “Did George Soros give Black Lives Matter millions?

  1. I have heard through some people that Alicia Garza’s birth name was Schwartz, and George Soros changed his name to Soros, from Schwartz. She is half black, half Jewish. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ol Soros has his hands in everything destructive in our country. I have also heard that in Nazi Germany Soros was helping the Nazi’s by pointing out which businesses and houses had Jews in them.

  2. Before your time Ms. Susan, but little Nancy Drew would have wanted to grow up and sniff out the truth just like you! You make me proud and bolster my faith that there are still competent independent questioning reporters growing among us.

  3. Susan, thank you for your thorough investigative reporting. I still believe Soros is indirectly involved with Black Lives Matter by somehow giving them capital which is not transparent. In fact none of these companies are transparent. By no means is Soros a good person.

  4. George Soros and his NGO's are now BANNED From 6 Nations, (Philipines, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Poland and Pakistan). Soros' goals: open borders, globalization, drug legalization, mass immigration, atheism, abortion/infanticide, gun control and undermining traditional Western values by electing radicals.

  5. * SUSAN*** have you seen the website “Discover the Networks”? – I believe it would change your initial outcome, it provides 15 years of investigation and content that would be helpful to your investigation.
    I love your videos, you are a wonderful role model for many, thank you Susan

  6. It is the ''left'' that are saying any criticism of Soros is ''right wing conspiracy theory''. He has funded many other groups throughout Europe. Check out what he did to the Bank of England.

  7. Thank you Susan Woods for your tireless commitment, your dedication and your attention to detail, and as you follow this tedious trail of breadcrumbs. Just as my mouth waters in anticipation of eating a delicious dessert after dinner, our collective mouths' water in anticipation of the receipts (evidence) you provide, every time you drop a new video.

  8. They bought plane tickets for young black american people to go to cities to tear them down. No building up. No jobs created, and certainly no black life was saved.

  9. Soros backing DA’s like George Gascon is much more insidious than donating to BLM. BLM is one of those organizations that came along at the right time so people (mostly white female activists) threw money at it assuming they knew what they were doing and would spend the money to actually help disadvantaged black people.

  10. I think that Politico article is why we were told that BLM donations were being spent on electing Joe Biden. The fact that these organizations are a quagmire of confusing connections seems corrupt to me. Companies within companies within companies seems to only obscure what is really happening.

  11. BLM was supported by many partners like Tides, Tides Advocacy, open Societies, Grantmakers, among other non profits. Many of them are tied directly and indurectly to George Soros.

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