September 22, 2023

10 thoughts on “DID MOSES COMMIT GENOCIDE ON HIS OWN WIFE'S PEOPLE? #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. Akhenaten himself or one of his High Priest was Moses who started monotheism which gave birth to The Torah, Bible, and Quran's monotheistic God. Akhenaten was a rebellious Pharaoh from the Thut"mosis" dynasty. Moses is Mosis… And the Ramsees Dynasties worked to get rid of this psychopathic doctrine which is why the Torah, Bible, and Quran speak bad about Ramsees. So the World is following the religion of a psychopath that went against the original teachings of the Egyptian religion which is that Amen the invisible made visible as Atem-Ra was the quintessential consciousness and that the Aten Sun disc and other forms of God are just manifestations of the quintessential. And The Black Women and the Black Man is God so please brother stop saying just the black woman is because balance is Masculine and Feminine together and God is Balance which is also Maat and Thoth together as well as Amen and Amenet together in the quintessential form. It's time we set the record straight on the Egyptian's Spiritual System and Sacred Teachings.

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