September 22, 2023
Did Slavery Affect Your Family? Africans vs African Americans | Middle Ground

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44 thoughts on “Did Slavery Affect Your Family? Africans vs African Americans | Middle Ground

  1. And american indian went through it all. 12 million losses plus . We were enslaved and we fought as we were removed from our land. Some black slaves led Europeans to where we were and our homes were destroyed our families destroyed.our culture was destroyed. You are not only ones in history to go through bad things. The polish the Jewish the Indians in India.ukrainians ect. Even europeans have had torturous past. So many people have had hard times in past. We can only move forward now and make things better for our ancestors to come with peace and an understanding that none of us are better than anybody else.The past has been brutal to so many. 😑

  2. I am concerned more about tribalism more than racisms. I do not expect to solve issues I have with other races without solving the ones with mine race, otherwise that will lead to havoc as we are experiencing.

  3. I love how the Americans say they are effected by slavery when we don't have slavery in this country, yet the Africans who do have slavery in their country didn't. Very interesting.

  4. The American dream was written for and by white people . Yes there are many successful people of color. But if we were to compare the two the journey to the success will be very different. They both probably face some kind of obstacles that would challenge both side but it’s with in that struggle that you will see the difference and how hard it will be for a person of color to achieve some kind of success and even then on top you will still will have to face many other challenges. One of the things that upsets me is that lack of awareness that white people have, even the ones that are allied , even on your personal time it could be something so simple as interacting with coworkers, etc. Awareness of others should never stop.

  5. This guy keeps talking about the past and including himself saying "we" like him or anybody he knows, or they knew, actually experienced all those hardships.

  6. I think this country runs on monetary supremacy and I think the system works best for those who created it.

    I also think those who created it and their descendants have light-years of financial education and wealth accumulation over everyone else.

    Lastly, I think the more you model yourself after white people, the more opportunity you get.

  7. It’s interesting that Africans feel unaffected by slavery, when the origin of African American culture comes from Africa and is lost, bloodlines lost as a result, yes in fact they are affected as well, their lineage is missing.

  8. Overall a great dialogue, conversation of listening and open minds. With an attempt to gain understanding of another… it’s how dialogues should be. Many of Skipp point of views I agreed with, with the exception of wanting to be or emulate something or someone else, I’ve always loved being a black woman, even in my struggle, when my dark skinned was criticized, I still never longed to be anything other than a black woman, and when I look at our history, and culture, we are beautiful in so many ways, We are very extraordinary ppl. We have to continue to see the beauty in ourselves and our ppl. I loved Elizabeth open mindedness and points as well.. everyone spoke so eloquently, so much respect and love. Thank you, hopefully you guys will do a part 2 😊✨

  9. the saddest thing for me about the history of african americans being in slavery is the seperation of their families. They didn't get to know their origins, their mothers, their uncles, they were seperated from their identitys, support and love. Babys were given to someone else.

  10. As a black American i don’t think blacks are supposed to have a connection with africa because of the weird ways of how things were made out for blacks

    Do any blacks have a true authentic connection with africa, that doesn’t have African born parents or family?

  11. Could the gay guy be any more dramatic and feminine?

    Thats the woke movment in a nutshell. Straight people with the courage and humour of a flamboyant gay dude.

    no beef with gays either. Let em marry, its gravy. just keeping it 💯

  12. Racism is also affected by and large by economics. Now that these African-Americans have become relatively affluent compared to their native African brothers, why don't they invest their money in Africa? That way they can truly raise the economic status of blacks worldwide?

  13. As Africans, we experience a very deep level of discrimination where there are divides amongst the people. There's a quote that says, "When brothers fight each other, outsiders inherit their property." And that is exactly what happens.

  14. One of them said White people are the ones that are obsessed, and they list the reason why.

    Black people are just obsessed. They always cry about what happened decades in the past and how the past is preventing them to do better.

  15. Of course all the african Americans who have been free for hundreds of years say they are affected by slavery but Africa was literally controlled till the the 60’s-80’s! What morons!

  16. I really hope “those” our African American brothers will now know we Africans don’t hate them or have anything against them . Whenever I come across such feud on twitter it saddens my heart

  17. Speaking of "American Dream".. just remember the Nation Anthem was written in 1814. Slavery did not get ratified till 1865. That anthem was never written for anybody but White's, thus that dream was only for them. "Land of the free and home of the brave", was specifically only for White men.

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