September 22, 2023


  1. Yes the Greeks studied under the Egyptians. Heck they were the Egyptians in a sense that they were the leftover light skinned people after they breed out the Black Egyptians. The Greeks were bred down Black people who are white now as they were 1000s of years ago.
    They gone bred us down and out in America too

  2. The Roman Emperor, Diocletian (AD 240 – AD 311) burned the libraries with their Egyptian and Greek documents in the year 296. Another Roman Emperor, Augustus (27 BCE-14 CE) and later a high priest of ancient Roman religion, ordered two thousand "superstitious" books to be burned.

  3. What about those who β€œdestroyed” ancient text when they burned the libraries? Could it be possible they kept certain vital manuscripts? This is the devil we talking about and he is a lying murdering thief.

  4. Yes he does his homework and he does with a consciousness to give us the truth to the best of his knowledge but he is also a student and teacher ,so,we must give him room to error.The man is a beast.

  5. It's funny to me how lost of a people that you're all really are thinking that the Egyptian are the only civilization that were advanced at that time it were many black civilization all over this earth that's were very advanced at that time one of the black civilization built a huge city on top of the sea but you're all doesn't understand that because you're all listening to a man that have a one track man and his mind can't expand beyond Egypt

  6. Ok. Understandable Seti . For example; € meaning:House. Β£ meaning: 2. Β€ meaning: Garaged. €~ meaning: Home. ( € Β£ Β€ €~ ) = House 2 Garaged Home. No alphabet just symbols. Wow. As for the Greeks? I believe some was educated in Crete. Egypt and a small Coptic Greek Province was serve as a military strong holds for "Alexander the Greek" and the Ptolemy Era. (Egypt was a small province first, before it became a state or country.)

  7. Keep Doing Your Thing Seti. There is no more scholars on the subject, better yet to even dare to correct or fact check the subject of Antiquity….just His-Story.

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