September 22, 2021

20 thoughts on “Discussing Life As An Afrakan American Woman Traveling Africa & Various Other Topics

  1. Beautiful Queen! Don't second guess yourself. You are 100% a lovely African expat embodying the culture very well. I love seeing your journey. You are a tigress for real! Amazing things to come you and us followers. No question! Blessings. Your headdress looks wonderful!

  2. It is all about cultural connection, understanding, and acceptance! They gave you that price because they accepted you as one of their extended family, you should be very proud!

  3. My personal experience with some continentals have been really positive, but also there have been some negative vibes where some try to have an issue with 'you' as a diasporan visiting Afrika, relocating there, being romantically involved with a person from the country while at the same time not minding one bit when a white person is doing all of the above. Very hypocritical and I call it out each chance I get. I had a situation where the guy I am with(he's from a certain E.African country)his friends were trying to be very hypocritical, but I was the RIGHT one to educate them. You will encounter that if you havent done so already. You seem to have a tad bit more patience than I do because while I am pretty cool that kind of thing is a trigger for me. Nevertheless, I anticipate relocating and learning more and more on this lifelong journey.

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