September 22, 2023
Disparity in police response: Black Lives Matter protests and Capitol riot l ABC News

27 thoughts on “Disparity in police response: Black Lives Matter protests and Capitol riot l ABC News

  1. this is so funny when you consider BLM stormed the same Capitol in 2016. and guess what? nobody was shot, and very, very few were arrested. so while you're going on your 'hypotheticals' tirade, the rest of us will just see it happen for ourselves.

  2. if conservatives were like liberals, the capitol would be burned to the ground now, like all the buildings antifa and blm burned during the "summer of love", the duration and level of violence of both events match the different police response. not to mention the 4 deaths in Capitol Hill vs the 36+ deaths in leftist riots. it's just that your crowd are the brainless ones and you're brainwashing them with doubled hypocrisy, by accusing the other side of doing precisely what you've been doing all the time

  3. 🇺🇸My Country Feedback🦅

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    3 Oh, may thy soldiers, faithful, true, and bold
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  4. BLM riots have been the cause of destruction for almost 2 years now. Businesses and alike in city are constantly in fear of getting their store looted and burned to the ground by the radical and uncivilized people of the BLM “peaceful protest.” More black people have been killed at BLM riots than cops killed blacks in racism in within 10 years. Liberals love pointing at the riot at the capital, but are silent when shown the BLM “peaceful protesting.” BLM is a broken Organization who’s owner was exposed for taking the money Tax free and profiting off of it.

  5. Riots causing billions in Damage all during the BLM "Summer of Love": Nothing to see here.
    One riot that broke a few windows: Oh havens democracy is under attack!

  6. Law enforcement took the Capitol protesters lightly because they were white and they paid dearly for it. They were humiliated, humbled, forcefully stripped of their riot gear, many were injured and likely will suffer permanent disability or have to retire early, and some were killed while others committed suicide days later.

    It was a very painful and costly lesson for the predominantly white American law enforcement profession taught to them by white insurrectionists.

  7. George Floyd, shouldn’t have warranted a riot, he was a criminal, who was committing at least three crimes, the day he died, he wasn’t a hero, he was a career criminal. He was actually doing exactly what Dr. Martin Luther King, was preaching against, if George Floyd hadn’t resisted arrest, he would be alive

  8. Well if you don’t riot guess what you won’t get tear gas shot at you and pepper sprayed lucky they haven’t shot you because I would hard to understand I guess

  9. Let's see: BLM protesters murdered numerous people, nationwide and literally burnt down and destroyed their own cities across America costing "BILLIONS OF DOLLARS" (hence police response). Where, Capital riot was mostly peaceful except for several hundred that "unlawfully entering a restricted area." No buildings were burnt down. No shots were fired (by participants) and it was over within hours (hence police response)

  10. More and more left leaning protests such as environmental protests, a similar violent police response, as in black protesters. Whitness stil protects though

  11. Did you guys all notice the black lives matter guys waving everybody in to the capital and of course the police opening up the barricades for them as well. What a sham this is, what is charade!

  12. The whole reason that riot happened at the capital is because those dumb trump supporters couldn’t except defeat….. and trump influenced them to protest there….. he’s the only president in modern times that said “the election was stolen”

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