September 16, 2023
Divine Ruler vs. "Natural Tahuti" Af Ra Ka not a real phrase from Ancient Egypt / Ta Mery

vs. “ ” Af Ra Ka not a real phrase from / Ta Mery: “ ” repeating information from Kwesi Ra Nehem, who repeats it from Mfundishi Djhwtyms trying to advocate the origins of the modern term “Africa”, when no such term existed in ancient Nile Valley / Hepy River Valley / Ancient “Egyptian” language on any stone, books, or scrolls


26 thoughts on “Divine Ruler vs. "Natural Tahuti" Af Ra Ka not a real phrase from Ancient Egypt / Ta Mery

  1. Very Good video much understanding for our people…this brother is wise in the teachings of Khemet…(Egypt) peace brother and thanks for the video…ur Brother Divine39A (PrinceNamor777)

  2. I beg to difer. I can go back to the tomb on MN KHPR RA where he already have the chapter of the hours of the night. Also Akan and Khemetic are the same. Remember when you tried to tell me that Ra is Asar and I showed you that they are solar and lunar principles. BNBN is related to the BENNU, which is obviously still a mystery to you. Compare HT KA PTAH to AF RA KA…Does the celestrial Nile [ MILKY WAY GALAXY ] have a double on this planet HAP [NILE] ?

  3. gaou02 look at the images…drawn by ancient chinese and then look at a modern sighting…
    While many UFO experts might regard these images as showing a classic saucer shaped UFO with possible lights or windows around it, in China this type of UFO that involves a row of lights is sometimes also referred to as a flying stick UFO. In the Chinese city of Foshan recently another flying stick UFP was seen and photographed by a newspaper photographer last month (Picture Below).

  4. there have to date been five million (and raising) documented sighting of UFOs Unidentified Flying Objects. Also 20,000 documented cases of craft landing. Thats an average of over 230 sightings worldwide everyday for the last 60 years! Including History Channel documentation of a man touching them.

  5. gaou02
    "We have documented UFO witnesses ranging across society," Means said. "Hundreds of thousands of Americans, even U.S. presidents, have reported seeing UFOs."

    Are they crazy are they lying….Hoax…really lets be real indingenous people say they seem them many times. A little girl said she seen a jet black man inside of one…

  6. Lets see we have ancient writings about flying vehicles called viamanas, Kamites were said to have experimented with Flight, ancient drawings from middle ages, pictographs or cave paintings, and many many modern sightings almost everyday. Lets see who would be the foolish one to negate all of these findings….not to mention the ancients spoke of the Atom thousands of years ago! Including writings in Japan, China, and India of Fliying warfare….if it wasn't for social engineering

  7. "Many western governments are now releasing their own studies and saying, 'Yes, UFOs are real.'

    Why do you all think all of sudden History channel, Discovery channel, all these paranormal, and UFO movies coming out. Governments unleashing files? And all of a sudden after 150 years scientist are now trying to run and say Darwin was wrong…evolution contradicts nature.

  8. People fail to realize if the methods of our ancestors worked then y are we speaking in pass terms about them, we need to see wht went wrong hmm could it been a devil seeing men who were gods fighting against women who were sayin goddess, could it been the worship of statues and the like ,..As long as this stays amongst original people the devil could care less who was God as long as God aint here now adding on .Peace

  9. What have you offered to the world to be so blatant and think all should listen to you? WHAT IS YOUR REMEDY! I gotta here this, since you think you know it all I gotta ask that question! What's your remedy and solution?

  10. You got the nerve to call someone an idiot? first of all dude, we are connected by our melanin to Africa. Where do you think the term Allah comes from space? The protosemitic term comes from African's who migrated to North East Africa which is not called Arabia! Did you know that? Did you know the Hebrews come up out of Ethiopia? Hell are you talking about? I knew you would say you don't drink that's why I said it.

  11. Islam is not a religion, first of all, you know nothing about it, if you did you would know it's a way of life. Now I asked you since you're so smart to give me a solution to all these problems we have, telling me to connect with Africa is not a dam solution! If you don't have one, why don't you just be quiet?

  12. Just because you're a moron, don't blame other people and what they believe. If your life is a clear bore don't blame others for it. see guys like you with big mouths come in the end to be cowards you just talk a good game!

  13. I ask again, how would you say whatever is on "page 142" of Budge (you know he has more edition of papyrus of ani / reu ne pert em heru, right?) in the actual MEDEW NETCHER LANGUAGE. Not just pasting together different words in an english grammatical sense, but using the grammar of actual Medew Netcher.



    "Islam is Mathematics & Mathematics is Islam, a right & exact science that can be proven in no limit of time."

    -The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Final & Greatest Messenger of Allah


  15. Are you all serious? Is this all you black men can do is constantly argue over who is original , whose way of life or religion is first and who came first? All of you are BLACK men. The Black Race is the oldest race. There were and are many ways of expressing faith in the continent of the Nile. What do you all plan to gain from all of this constant debunking of one another? Worshipping the Creator should be on the top of the list. Praying for one another to heal and come together is the FOCUS.

  16. Mikyia mo (Greetings),

    FYI: We have recently published Part 4 of our series: AFURAKA/AFURAITKAIT – The origin of the term 'Africa'.

    This is part of an ongoing series. Part 4 builds on parts 1-3 and goes into more detail about what was presented therein. Part 4 covers a great deal of information. Naturally, because of the nature of the subject it shows that every point raised in the above video is inaccurate. See to download all 4 parts of the series.


  17. Peace,

    I am looking for a correct name for our homeland, the continent. You mention Ta Mery, Tau Ceti?, Ta Nihisi? What are these names meanings and origins?
    Are sources extant that may be cited?

    Thank you.

    Paul Hicks

  18. Africa is a Roman term and the name they gave the colony they set up in the north part of the continent we call Africa and it didn't extend to the whole continent just their small colony in the north we never called it Africa or ourselves Africans until Europeans started calling us that

  19. I love this… most of the time we be inventing some terms where none is necessary. Cleared some stuff but also pointed to new directions. However the term can be used for political reasons not historical, i guess.

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