September 22, 2023
Do Black Lives Matter In Israel?

24 thoughts on “Do Black Lives Matter In Israel?

  1. Racism in America racism Israel black people are treated bad everywhere why .. African Americans we built different it's no way possible we will allow this type treatment ever I'm praying for the black people in Israel j wish you all can come here it's racism in America but Israel looks worst

  2. The question should be, does the life of the children of Jacob matter in Israel? Because that's what it is exactly. Those people in Israel are not Jews but imposters purposed to tread the city until their times be fulfilled while real Jews are scattered across the earth in captivity for many days as Daniel had prophesied. Amongst the genealogy of Jacob there would not be any white person but black descendants or a mingle of black that would still be black. We have also discovered how Abraham came from Africa and crossed over the red sea to the land of Canaan

  3. Black people should leave Israel, the treatment they receive is sub human, I'm sorry but I've seen and heard about the most embarrassing behaviour, by people who claim to be chosen by God. Which God do you represent?

  4. The following verse from the Torah tells us who is the true descendant of Israel and who is not. This is just one of the many. Read it slowly and let it sink in very well. Shalom
    "And Ya'akob said to Ribkah his mother, 'See, Esaw my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth-skinned man.'" Genesis 27:11

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