September 19, 2021

35 thoughts on “Do I Regret Moving To Africa From America? 5 Thing I Wish African Countries Caught Up With The U.S.A

  1. This chanel must blow! I’m from Benin 🇧🇯 too getting ready to move back to Africa and I need to meet this brother! So much can be achieved when we work together.

  2. Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 offer free education. I actually had a bursary so I was paid by the gouvernement from high school to University because I was doing well at school. School from infant school to college is free in Ivory Coast and is actually obligatory for all kids. private schools are expensive like everywhere though

  3. You retained your Murland accent! Hilarious #DMV #VA 2up2down 🇺🇸. Good look but I still can’t wait to touch the continent. What I do appreciate about this country is the beauty, you can travel to any state and get anytime of the year. Hot & dry like Texas, cold & snowy like Colorado or year round like the DMV, the greenery in this area can be seen from the airplane as you’re touching down!

  4. What I appreciate about America is the sanitation guidelines. There has to be a clean restrooms and kitchens in every establishment if not the board of health can shut down the place. We tend to take these things for granted. When I traveled to Ghana I was traumatized by some of the restrooms and some of the ladies were cutting up fruit on the street with no gloves on 😱

  5. Dude… you are comparing apples to pineapple. You can not compare a continent that’s 256 years ahead of Africa. Are you serious???? Africa build America? Focus on that!! No need to listen to you!!

  6. #Maryland near DC, HMU or post on your IG account when you return home. I want to buy you lunch (nohomo) and talk about your business. I'm thinking about retiring in Africa, but I don't know where.

  7. Somethings you miss are simply not sustainable and that’s why the US and so on are suffering, and trying even harder to get into Africa. Also you gotta know some of the fastest and most consistent economic growth is in Africa. Bruh, these things only exist by exploiting places like where you are and people that look like you. It’s a facade. While is going no where soon it’s going to be different real soon. Lastly migos are trash. Hip-hop is amazing though.

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