September 22, 2023
Do People STILL Trust The Black Lives Matter Organization? Vol. 3

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Well we finally have answers on how the organization spent their funds. In this video we head to to ask people if they STILL trust the organization. If you enjoy this video, definitely check out Vol. 1 and 2!

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46 thoughts on “Do People STILL Trust The Black Lives Matter Organization? Vol. 3

  1. White supremacists support stealing from the black community and tricking them into thinking they are being helped. Democrats have done this since the 60s

  2. BLM is a message I stand by but the group BLM is a destructive terror group formed by democrats that destroyed personal property they are wolves in sheep clothing they destroyed property that did not put up signs they forced you to buy signs because it’s cheaper then having your property damaged

  3. To the air in the white suit. BLM hasn’t “cut out”, or in other words, left. They just aren’t around because Democrats are now in office, and the fake news media doesn’t need BLM right now to help push propaganda. But once the Presidential elections come around in 2024, I 100% guarantee you BLM will be back, pushing racism propaganda against any Republican running for election. Guaranteed. It’s all political nonsense, hence why BLM is a SCAM!

  4. That older black guy 100% countered his own argument. He talked about 'police killin black folks all the time', then at the very end he whispered sorta "If they have to"… so you admit that MOST times when a black man is killed by a police (Or anyone of any race) it's because the police HAVE to do it..

  5. I am the guy with the white t-shirt, and the dreadlocks. I appreciate the support, and I appreciate the channel. I do my best to always tell the truth, and BLM is a joke. By the way, don't take anyone's word for anything without first doing your own research. Once again, I appreciate this channel. Keep up the great work!!!

  6. all the literal white knights for black people, meanwhile the black community knows BLM is just another rouse to exploit their community for voting season.

  7. "I support them"
    "I don't know much about them"
    "I don't trust them"
    That's the same b*tch that is fighting to take my gun rights away

  8. Funny how so many white liberals I've seen put BLM signs on their front porch. Makes u wonder is it for self protection in case of riots??? cause BLM clearly does nothing for black people

  9. How can people support BLM, what in the fuck have they done for the black communities. All they have done was pocket people's money and buy houses in the white communities, why didn't they buy them in the black communities. They should be shut down and made to give people there money back or at least give it to the black communities

  10. Always amazes me the people who don’t even know the stats of how many unarmed black people are shot by the police every year. Double the amount of unarmed white people are shot by the police every year then black.

  11. I couldn't stand the blm movement from when it blew up because of that criminal George Floyd bs…. That's when I changed to independent and since I've taken that wonderful red pill….. Let's go Brandon!!!!

  12. White t-shirt dude was spittin FACTS! That's a person who takes the time to truly educate himself before he gives his opinion on a subject… Gee, what a novel concept! It's really very sad how few Americans, especially of college age, don't do that.. they tend to parrot propaganda they've heard from a single source (for young adults that one source is usually TikTok) instead of doing their own research (from several facets) and forming their OWN opinion.

  13. When the BLM organization became known, I doubted it would do much for the black community and would eventually become corrupt. My thoughts at the time was their founders were not like MLK Jr – ie someone who would be upstanding and be respected from all sides of the issues. I took the time to look into the past history of the founders and just had a sense that they weren't trustworthy. So guess what? The fact that they took tens of millions of donation dollars to buy personal property for themselves and their family wasn't a surprise. Much like Al Sharpton and J3sse Jackson, their presence created more division than unity. If black lives truly mattered to the founders of BLM, they would have been visible in black communities where violent crimes are rampant between people of color. It is time for someone to stand up and be clear that the biggest problem the black community has is they are killing each other in their communities. The man in the white t shirt addressed that.

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