September 20, 2021

49 thoughts on “DO THEY REGRET MOVING TO AFRICA? MEET Black Acres Of the Gambia

  1. I believe that you should get automatic citizenship, far as being African Americans. because then you can be able to travel throughout all the continient ok. so what do you think about this ?

  2. If you are planning to come to Kenya consider settling within Eldoret. Land is a bit expensive but the rural areas with maize plantations will cost you about $11000/acre Thank me later.

  3. They need to stop speaking on America like that. Somebody need to tell them to stop before those Europeans send for em’ …The original Africans separate themselves from blacks… There’s a way to do things without talking so negative. Listening to African people laugh and make fun of them is very disturbing. They think this couple is dumb. The community people plot how to rig a job to suck money from them. I hope it’s a silver lining somewhere.

  4. Citizenship should be automatic in Africa for Africans in the diaspora like it is in Israel. Letting European-influenced Constitutions block investment. Really DUMB!!

  5. On land issues, one only needs the Alkalo or Chief’s stamp if the land is a freehold. A lease can only be transferred between people by a solicitor through a conveyance ( assignment) because it has to go through the Lands ministry for consent.

  6. NO you do not need to be a citizen to open a bank account in The Gambia. A non Gambian can seek employment in The Gambia but your employee has to pay the expatriate tax bracket for u and you will have to get a permanent resident visa from the Immigration department which is a simple and super quick process.

  7. where are these guys based. I want to visit Gambia ASAP with a view to moving but I am worried about being alone and having no one there that I know. I would love to meet up with some diaspora when I visit. Which areas should I be looking at??

  8. They should defenitly give you your citizenship freehold is better for you and your generations to come
    You can lease some other part of the land
    Other people come and get their citizenship all black diaspora africa desendants are free to live anywhere in africa they are our people other continents countries are your second home and that is the fact we better roll our sleeves up and face the fact confronting us as a people
    Anywhere you find yoursef in africa is your home as far as you love the place African Leaders themselves know that and the people too should het enlighting more

  9. You are great lovely family I just love you and I understand what you have being through but I really thank God for you all you are great leaders keep educating our continent we cant stop loving you
    You are very open and easy to go along with
    I pray your older children will also come along
    Thank you family God bless you more and more love and peace to us all
    We want to care more for ourselves we dont want colonial taxes systems of exploitations in our continent
    We dont need world bank in Africa IMF and all the organisation that keep holding us back down slavery mentality has to end vanish now
    We pray for courage for our people to do same.
    We love you we thank you for everything God bless you

  10. I just love this couple. They make you wanna come to the Gambia’s like tomorrow. Such beautiful welcoming people💌. You did an awesome interview and asked great questions. Im glued!!!

    And my God he looks like STEVE HARVEY!!

  11. Shalam African Tigeress Good Day How Are You Guys From Seattle WA. My Husband And Eye Was Watching Y'all Videos And It's Truly Amazing We Both Are Looking To Come Up Out Of Dis Land Of Confusion Your Videos Lit A Fire Under our Feets And Gave Us Renewed Joy Thank You For Sticking It Out And Going The Extra Mile For Some Of Us Who Haven't Taken That Leap Of Faith All Praises Brothdren And Sister All Praises 🤲🏾 …

  12. I a nurse and trust me it is not a hype, working with these people who are do very sick they can’t breathe, not funny at all. Yes most may have underlying symptoms but that does not diminish their life

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