December 3, 2021

26 thoughts on “Do THIS BEFORE moving to The Gambia – 5 steps before moving to The Gambia

  1. Fabulous content. I’m coming to Gambia I’ll private message you about educating our young brothers and sisters. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed your other videos around your home. They were fun 🤩

  2. When an old evil politician tells you to take the death jab, and he did not want you to have the stimulus, you better think. The death jabs are to eliminate the 99%, and they will still put poisons in our homes and doors, but God is working for us worldwide. No weapons formed against us will prosper.

  3. I think we should actually focus on changing the slave mindset of Africans living in Africa. The mindset of not being enough, always looking to the OTHERS to remove us from the hole we allowed them to put us in, IF THEY PUT US IN THIS HOLE WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO REMOVE US FROM IT, IT'S CONVENIENT FOR THEM. Africans should value being African, the motherland, and the things made in the continent. STOP HATING ON EACH OTHER, THAT INCLUDES OUR BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Only then would we be able to live together and promote Africa otherwise, all this is for nothing the United States Of Africa must happen first. There must be no borders in Africa – we must all have one passport. Only then would we be able to trade freely amongst ourselves. Intermarriages must happen as well. Let go of your bias, Africa.

  4. MashaAllah ! Sister Marie I’m really enjoying your videos. Please give us more information about the cost of stuff, rent, buying lands, house, and food next you visit. InshaAllah.

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