On The Urban Debate with Tanvi Shukla, the ongoing case of police brutality was discussed, shedding light on how important it is for us to acknowledge that exists in our society. The brutal death of Jayaraj and Benicks talks about police brutality and custodial deaths in India. There needs to a safer space if the ones who are supposed to guard the people, take law in their hands.
Priyanka Thirumurthy of TheNewsMinute highlights instances wherein these police officials have been involved in other cases of police brutality

Times Network’s Ahmad Shabbir spoke to one of the cops who is linked to the Thoothukudi Custodial Death case about how Jayaraj and Benicks got injuries. The cop initially denied saying there were no injuries but after further questioning, he told a different version of the story.

“No Police Officer will willingly kill someone”, says M R Nandakumar, Former Additional SP of Chennai.

As the Judicial Magistrate told Madras High Court that police are not cooperating. If the police have not done anything intentionally, then the fact that they are not cooperating with the judiciary is questionable. Watch the video to know more!
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