September 22, 2023
Dolly Parton Talks Black Lives Matter

After showed her support for , Carlos Bustamante, Graeme O’Neil and Brandon McKnight discuss …


30 thoughts on “Dolly Parton Talks Black Lives Matter

  1. Shame on you Leftists. Blatant lies. She said "Every life matters, including black ones of course", not "Black lives matter". Also, consider this. Maybe she supports the idea "Black Lives Matter", but no one ever asked if she supports the ORGANIZATION.

  2. This guy is not a Dolly Parton conservative fan. The guy in the middle has no idea the diverse fan base Dolly has. This is why she still sells out arena’s in Australia, America, and the UK.

  3. I feel as if yall really didnt get her point. She said that black lives matter, and talked about how not JUST white lives matter. Just becauae she said "everybody matters" doesnt mean she supports ALM. She said that she understands how black ppl feel and how they arent being heard. Yall cant just take the "everybody matters" bit and make her seem like an ALM activist. She supports BLM NOT ALM(A movement to shut down BLM)

  4. In the Battle of Blair Mountain, the Appalachian Hillbillies fought with the black coal miners against the coal mining company and the right wing government that oppressed the basic rights of the poor.

  5. Dolly is a Sweetheart always has been! I remember in an interview in the 80's Dolly saying she looks into the heart of people! Not color or how they look! I can't find this interview on youtube.

  6. WHy do we put people into catagories? Why do we have to see color, religion, age? The more we seperate each other on differerences the farther away we get. I am white and a woman and have had multiple situations where black people have called me racist names and threaten me. I have never, ever been racist back.

  7. yes she Said it Everybody Matters , I guarantee you she does Not Support the Murders and damage the BLM organization Movement did to this Country . please interview Mrs. Dolly Parton and ask her without you editing the interview if she supports the Terrorists called blm and she will flatly tell you she does Not go ahead

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