September 21, 2023
Don Lemon, sheriff spar over police shootings

44 thoughts on “Don Lemon, sheriff spar over police shootings

  1. Cops shoot minorities in the back over a traffic stop .. all the time .. even beating people to DEATH Because of skin color …
    Chappelle ::: has a skit about a blind blackman thinking he is white man k.k.k. member ..
    This uncle tom can see ..
    Someone needs to tell him he's black .. and needs to wipe the miracle whip dribble off his shirt
    White cops probably think he's a good trained ______with a badge
    Or a good house ____
    Someone tell him he is a joke in k.k.k. law enforcement …
    Turning on his own Race …

  2. I always thought from history and everything that people like Freddie Gray and trayvon Martin and Eric Garner because they have black skin and they're African American they gotta be bullied and killed by police. But I guessed on lemon saying that doesn't happen but I think it does happen in my opinion. I seen it 1st Hand black men get looked at differently than white man they get stereotyped like they're up to no good and police officers treat them like that

  3. Don Lemon is scum. he talks over anyone who is saying anything again his narrative. Never lets the truth be spoken if it not "Don Lemons" truth. what a liar

  4. Sheriff David Clarke apparently doesn’t realize that when he is a guest on a news program, he is supposed to ANSWER questions, not ASK questions!

    When it’s the Sheriff David Clarke Show, he can ask questions.

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