September 21, 2021

20 thoughts on “Don't Move to Ghana | A Ghana Lifestyle Won't Work for You IF…

  1. Good job guys. As a Ghanaian now living in the UK with my family, I kinda was like let me first see what's they have say about my country Ghana. After watching 3 videos from u I can now say that most of the things u both point out are quite true. Now I have to subscribed to your channel b'cos you kepp it real. Keep saying it has it is guys.

  2. How are people about politics there? Are their people obsessed with politics? Cuz that's why I wanna leave the US people are way too obsessed with politics here these days. LOL.

  3. thank you for all over your videos. I has really been a good idea of what to expect, plan for and think about. Hoping to move there within a year.

  4. Ayo and Tony…….I love your videos. They are so informative and realistic. But I love the chemistry that you have together even more! You are such beautiful people. I moved from Oakland, CA to Ghana 10 years ago and never think of returning to the USA. I am so happy for you and your boys. I wish you many years of joy in your new home!

    The biggest issue for me in Ghana is the GRA. People arrive here completely underestimating the taxation situation if they try to open a business or earn any type of income. There is a whole alphabet soup of different taxes, a purposefully incomprehensible tax code, and regulatory authorities that like to make intimidating threats while issuing outrageous assessments based on little empirical evidence. This might be an interesting topic for a future video to help people avoid getting jammed up in fines and penalties and constant scrutiny from tax authorities. Business taxes are outrageously high, which explains why you can rarely get an official VTA receipt from vendors and service providers.

  5. I totally disagree with comments that Caribbean or Jamaican people would live and fit easily in Ghana, the culture is different and some food may be the same but prepared differently. ( I know Jamaicans who moved there and decided it's not for them). It's an individual preference, it's like living anywhere in the world. Love that you guys move there and some of you wanting to live there.

  6. i have spoken to many people in ghana and all are starving no jobs killings bad hospitals no medical if you have no money life is very bad , i have tried to help some but banks is not big enough

  7. SUBSCRIBED! Im planning my trip currently and ALL of this is excellent advice…
    As your video played i was doing some heavy thinking:)
    Thank you guys …n god bless your journey returning. Oh can I email you also I have some questions?

  8. In short: if you are an American, do not move to Ghana. Current racism in America is bearable. Poverty, backwardness are not bearable. If you get abused by a white supremacist in the US, you might find yourself in the national news. If you get abused by a Ghanian thug, nobody gives a damn.

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