I will redo this one when I get the time , this pretty much explains a lot lucifer wants to keep you at a child’s consciousness so he can be the trix rabbits and manipulate stupid kids , he keeps us dumb with technology , its like if you became god by removing half of every ones brain so they became so stupid that you could take control of them and they became so stupid they couldn’t defend themselves one you made the humans so dumb and defenseless you pulled of a #rakka

sweet emotions dont let lucifer the bogyman get ya , and do nut let his bed bugs bite ya , lucifers idea of bed bugs are nano bots a.i. black goo lucifer magick smart dust . in the military a bogey is the target your gonna kill

this matrix is a tv show run by the nephilum clowns they are are entertainers a distraction while they send us to hell , like Ronald mc Lucifer service with a smile even though there killing us

dont kill yourself its a trap to trapp you in hell , god will come back be patient this life is rough we are outcasts no one here loves us this matrix was designed that way to make you evil and a drug addict , they separate you from love so you associate that with god but life without love is lucifer , all the evil loneliness pain sandiness isolation thats lucifer god is the opposite of that , you know how on earth a woman can have a kid and give it away put it in a foster home that only happens here , you know when you get a puppy and you love the puppy and you could never do no harm to the puppy you would do anything to protect that puppy thats how god feels about us , it feels like god doesn’t care in this matrix thats what this matrix is for to experience a separation from god . god created you not lucifer god knows everything about you because he created you to turn to lucifer breaks his heart , you will not experience love here its not possible in this dimension , this dimension was created not to last it is like a school your soul either graduates or goes to hell but god doesn’t punish the weak he helps them picking on the weak is something lucifer does , in heaven there is no war , no suffering , no isolation , this place is evil this matrix was designed for you to learn from and experience evil so you can fight evil without having to be trapped in hell , this matrix is meant to teach you what can happen when you turn down the wrong path lucifer and lilith are examples of poor choices.

dont ever kill yourself remember gods always with you , he waiting for you to ask him for help , lucifer is trying to stop you from connecting with god , with god he can protect you from anything no matter how deep the hole you go t yourself stuck into god can fix it , lucifer wants you to think there is no forgiveness or help thats the soul trap

I used to think there was no way out if you have any issues now ask god to help you he creates everything he can do anything he is everything



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A free-thinking individual who strives to maintain psychological balance between the two polar aspects of Human Nature; Desire and Conscience. However, These conditions can never be balanced because inertia will carry us to extremes. Balance is a constant struggle therefore I live by the principles of the HERU Interface