May 23, 2022

37 thoughts on “DR Congo Angry Over Rwanda Incursion, Senegal Tops Africa in Internet Speed,Morocco Bans UK flights

  1. Needs to do a video about African countries with Armed Drones…. Ethiopian military is currently conducting precision bombing using Armed Drones in Tigray Region.

  2. Since back then ,Ruwanda has being involving and do the dirty job for the West. Kagame himself is trained by the Us to distablise DRC. Its really sad for how long we have to do this to ourselves.?

  3. DRC and Rwanda won't surprise you if you know the whole history of the rivalry. Pretty interesting, I love Rwanda but they have been doing alot of shady things in the Congo…resources is my bet since Rwanda is so small in comparison

  4. Reason why i said Fck African unity for yall supporting Tyrants like Kagame as a savior when this piece of garbage is killing my people in DRC. 6 MILLION OF CONGOLESE LOST FOR GREED! HOW MANY MORE RWANDA/AMERICA/EUROPE?

  5. All African leaders …….. Rwanda or Congo ….. also Somalia andKenya too…. respect eachother….. "so the Youths future …….. talkabout "My leader was nice….. act role models…
    Ppl fight for borde crossing…. but look for simple peacemy people, If you don't have a Salt and pepper in the area…… you go crosstheborder…. whichisgood ..more business…. .
    U can't eat with out salt lol ….

    Here Negerian and Buhari…… ppl die that day …. I understand the pain…
    Restin peace Sudan brother……Artist.
    Peace yo……

  6. Congo want peace not going in the war every single year because of bad people who tried to take our land Congo is going fight until the end and no one is going to steal any part of our land Let's be like America in America every state/country/are good enough with their lands if your country is large or small no problem because this is our Africa so don't try to steal someone's land and said we all African we Know if you're African be thankful with your land and don't cause problem that you can never handle this is for Rwandan

  7. I like Senegal because people there are classy and rich in melanin like South Sudan.I'm always happy with that country. Keep representing Senegal our brother across the continent

  8. Nooo,seriously Rwanda should stop feeding on DRC's instability,its not good to feed on your brother's problems. Stealing minerals backed by western government isn't fair.

  9. Why do Africans behave like the white man? Why does Rwanda need to get into another country just because it's is disarray? That's lack of integrity & breaking national sovereignty

  10. We are African but our brothers from Rwanda are pushing DRC in to a war,well we trying to make peace they are starting one day it will need an action so that we can respect each other but for me it's not good

  11. Is the story about internet speed just a push to make people want fivegee. Consistent, continually flowing is what makes good service. The higher the gee the more dangerous to humans it is

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