December 7, 2021

20 thoughts on “Dr. Joshua Smith: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Epiphany of Double-Consciousness [Torrey Honors Institute]

  1. W.E.B Dubois was a brilliant man and accomplished a lot but he realized in the end and admitted that his dark side that conspired with the government to get rid of his rival Marcus Garvey did no good for black empowerment. Garvey's teachings turned out to be right and more relevant today than his. Just a saw a good video that talked about this

  2. I am so glad both of my sons have made it thru four year public colleges and are gainfully employed. I would hate the thought of paying $54,000 a year to learn that Dr. Smith’s post office was robbed by three young black men his senior year and that he and his wife cleared out a restaurant they dined in. Would this get my son a job? It certainly would have been much more educational to actually center on WEB Dubois rather than make him the mere diving board to launch into little more than personal experience. No potential employer will care about his opinions, but those of Dubois might very well be another matter. Why a faculty member from an English department is (supposedly) lecturing on an HISTORICAL icon is beyond me in the first place. Dr.Smith confuses the spoon with the soup….an indoctrinator dressed as an academic.
    TRULY, Dr.Smith would do well to consider a career change towards pastoring/preaching.

  3. Man o man! Dr. Smith (DS) did the dam thing!!! Loved the expression, the insight, the intelligence and the perspectives. DS did what most can’t or simply won’t do, and that’s make our history relevant today.
    There no future without the proper recognition of the past. How do we celebrate Dr. King when the police are consistently killing and incarcerating people of color? How do recognize Brother Malcolm X when AFTER we have lowered our humanity to be apart of Caucasian society we are no better for it?
    So many examples of disrespect towards people of color, there MUST be a day when we take our piece of this nation that we (literally) built and simply say, “fuck you to.”

  4. Really enjoy your lecture. You really inspire discourse. You have a great gift for teaching.
    I am NOLA Creole. We were always in the trades. We usually went to college to get a trade.
    We were able to marry and have families as slaves. We have firm families. But Christ got us
    through all the terrible times. We do not try to integrate so much. I am curious why Dubois
    decided to be a Communist. It seems like a oligarchic system.

  5. I've enjoyed your lecture, you gave me a better depiction of who this man was and how his life work became so important to the future generations of African Americans. Thank you for this knowledge.

  6. Very thought provoking and articulated. In 2020, if some aren't grasping the concept of the ideas that are the basis of the problems that we are experiencing socially in the US, and the world, they are simply choosing to.

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