September 23, 2023
Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi speaking to us about Black Consciousness in the modern era

Today marks the 40th anniversary since the death of leader Steve Bantu Biko. He was at the forefront of …


49 thoughts on “Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi speaking to us about Black Consciousness in the modern era

  1. What he said about white people in black organization always wanting to lead and making the blacks their perpetual students. Malcolm x said the same thing about white liberals always being CEO or president of black organization

  2. we thank Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi for changes that he made in South Africa for bringing the dignity of blacks together with their consciousness.
    We salute you Dr. keep inspiring the youth of South Africa.

  3. Though we agree with a lot of socialist ideas, I can not truly back the idea that we are true socialist… I think we also have to analyse and compile our own governing philosophy with relation to how we can make it work for ourselves, I think that's an important part of our black consciousness thinking. We can't keep on Living under activism and reaction that's mental slavery, we should build on the base of activity rather.

  4. There are records to prove that the 1976 SOWETO uprising was organized by Zeph Mthopeng. He was arrested for organizing the march and served time in Robben Island alongside other well known political figures. Zeph grew up in the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) of Anton Lembede, and moved out of the ANC with the Africanist faction to form the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC). At the time he organized the march he was an executive member of the PAC. He later became the president of the PAC. This does not take away Steve Biko's contribution to the struggle. Mbuyiseni Ndlozi came across as the reincarnation of Steve Biko.

  5. Ndlozi is smart but lacks muscle to lead a party with an unpopular manifesto and policies that threaten the lifestyles and privileges of the society's most high thugs. He needs to up his skill of confrontation to a more aggressive one if he is to inherit the office from Malema one of the days. He is more like a poet or a literature man than a politician. There is more to politics than a degree or good english, we need real images not lecturers, we bow to fighters and we follow leaders not lecturers.

  6. watched this in 2021. i think that what happened to many african countries after independence was a mere exchange of skins and not of mentality. thus people continue experiencing many problems that were present during colonial times. it is time for people to change their mentality as well

  7. Dr Ndlozi, you are our African President…. intelligent, well- spoken, well-written, extremely smart. God bless you son. I love Steve so much for his braveness, very intelligent too and smart, well-spoken. The system, the system took him out very brutally, but as Dr Ndlozi rightfully said, his spirit lives on….

  8. I was a student myself when the system killed him. His talks always fascinated me. He really was a brave son of the African sole…..from.windhoek, Namibia. May his soul rest in eternal power… hambakale…..

  9. The film CRY FREEDOM is what got me from my home in US to S Africa for a year. 2006.
    Denzel Washington played Steve Bikko BEAUTIFUL.
    (Preview in YouTube)
    THANK YOU ❤️

  10. Black conciousness should be taught to all south Africans, black, white, coloureds, Indians and so on. Because it's that lack of understanding that make people ignorant. We are human and we are citizens of the same country, live in peace and show love to each other

  11. Thank you. I was radicalized by the BCM and joined AZAPO when it was not popular to do so. My Comrades were the likes of Strini Saths, Asha Moodley , Peter Jones. We were driven by pride in our philosophy as defined by Biko. Everything I did after my work as an activist can be attributed to the discipline and pride we learned as members. Today I still conduct myself daily with fearless discipline. The ANC missed this part of their political education …hence the corruption, greed, lack of knowledge about Socialism and how it works.

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