September 18, 2021

4 thoughts on “Dr Sharita at Repatriation & Investment Conference – Ghana Dec 2019 Tour

  1. Dr. Sarita,
    Don't let the Word "Black" replace the word "African"…
    African Americans have adopted that slave name and they are trying to make a "color" a description for our ethnic heritage…

    We must correct this misconception and let African Americans that come to Africa know their proper free name is "African" not the slave name and color "Black"…

    "Black" is a popular name for commercial reasons, but it is inaccurate for historical reasons.
    Simply put, Africans did not give us the name "Black"; the name "Black" originated from Slave Masters not Africans who were born and are "free".

    An uncomfortable topic, but a topic that deserves discussion.


  2. Those people who saw DR. Sharita in the United States of America should look at her again I believe they will hardly recognize her.She looks more beautiful and much younger,infact Ghana is the home for all the black peoples in the diasporas.

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