November 28, 2021

25 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson FDMG History!! Family Festival Block Party!!!!! (9.11.21)

  1. Looks like a great turn out .
    Did he let the people go inside the buildings to see the progress of the school .
    Or was it closed to the people who went there to support him and his school .
    Because i have not seen any videos from anyone who walk through the building to show the progress.

  2. Man I hate reading “us black ppl came together no fighting , fussing , or anything negative” it’s really sad when you have to point that out .. That should be normal :: I’m tired of us having to highlight us being normal .. in my mind that holds us back everytime .. Like getting props for something we are supposed to do anyway .. How can we get mad at our oppressors for stereotyping us and calling us Animals when we have to highlight and celebrate the fact we didn’t shoot up a block party !! Our mentality has to change fam .. Seriously.. Black people have been coming together drama free FOR YEEEEARS AND YEARS !! But positive black events will NEVER be the headline of the media … Let’s wake up brothers and sisters !!

  3. Umar needs to copy everything that,
    King Randall does. I mean that young man is really taking care of business. I forgot how much land this dude has for his school for black boys. I mean, King Randall is half my age, and I admire this young man. King Randall's story is truly amazing. He was like 21 with everything Umar wants, but King Randall actually has it. Didn't even rob anybody.

  4. Dr Umar is doing it correctly for sure…and that's keeping all the intricate details under wraps…like we all know…revealing too much of a plan to a public audience can be ultimately detrimental to it's completion…so answering questions from people who troll him is unnecessary…he's trying to do real work

  5. This was a beautiful event that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I met some wonderful people here, ate some great vegan food, saw awesome entertainment and got to meet Dr. Umar

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