September 17, 2021


  1. Jessie Lee Peterson is in his 70's grow up in Jim Crow South and thinks No white man stops a Black PERSON from success. If that's so, why he didn't stay in Alabama and become Successful?
    Where is his Black Owned Business besides Gŕifting giving white folks what they want to hear for money?
    Did he march with Dr. King or did he join the others calling him a Commie..

  2. i just realized , the jesse peterson show is scripted. its not real . its a gimmick to get white folks to give money . Jesse figured it out, that the black arenas are to crowded to be profitible, so he flipped it to entertain the white folks . wow jesse i cant be mad at you.

  3. I’m my BIGGEST PROBLEM! Not the white man! Not The the government! It’s me and only ME! Now that’s out the way, I’m my BIGGEST SOLUTION! 💯👑
    I don’t subscribe to this type of shit any longer! This comes from a street nigga who put himself in prison by the choices I MADE! Things changed when I changed! 💯

  4. Jesse I heard you say "I do love all black ppl, I love black ppl" all WE want you to do is stop pandering and performing and show it, because its bigger than ratings….it's getting us KILLED and that's the reality!

  5. Umar is a fraud and Jesse called him out. The logic is flawed. Umar is arguing that blacks with money and power who move out the hood aren't racist but white ppl with the same things who move to a gated community are. This mindset is very dangerous and polarizing.

  6. Just in case people are not aware as Dr. Johnson tells people that are real black man would stay in his community and make it better… He has two children one in adult that he has not supported or seen so when a father speaks from his perspective he has no idea what that means

  7. It’s very sad how the critical thinking skills and active listening skills are absent in this comment section… does anyone know what nationality means? Because if they did they would not be arguing with a man who has an opinion based on concrete facts… They would be questioning the man who’s views are based on A theory and a political ideology…

  8. Jesse is ignorant asf , going to commercial everything shit gets real. Cut to uninformed white person and side with them and I hate how he wants to use fallacies and tries to be funny but this subject is serious and instead of coming back with childish innuendo and hypothetical questions I would like to hear facts!!!

  9. Dr Umar Johnson is caught in a cycle of perpetual victimhood by blaming everyone and everything but black people. People like him treat blacks like disabled people incapable of deciding their own destiny. His assertions that white people are to blame for all black people's problems is actually glorifying the white man's superiority over blacks. I refuse to believe that there exists a race of people so great that they could enslave another race of people on a global scale… unless there was something wrong with the enslaved race to begin with. Black people need to take their part of the blame for their circumstances.

  10. Umar Johnson is a angry whitehating black person and if he hate America so much then he need to go to Africa and fucking stay there and dont ever come back.

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