October 20, 2021

18 thoughts on “Dr. Umar Johnson Marries 2 Single Moms At a Struggle Back Yard Wedding…AND GUESS WHO IS DUSTY?

  1. This is the very reason people, like yourself, don't ever get a real shot at journalism. It is because, your source is always hearsay. I hope you got some money to spare because, you have definitely opened yourself up to being sued for "Liable" and "Slander" for putting out misinformation. You were so eager to get your video up that you did absolutely no research on the matter you spoke of. Not even one picture of him saluting either of the two women, was posted nor a video of the ceremony has appeared to confirm your bogus story (that was the least you could've done as far as researching the image). This is what happens when you have that much hate for a person; you start to run with an assumption of an idea, before the bigger picture is explained. I guess it's safe to assume, you (like others) never make it past the headlines before spreading the news.

    Good luck on your future reporting and I hope you get sued for Liable at the very least, by one of the 2 ladies or the Dr. Umar johnson.

    In the event that you didn't know, I'll explain. The wedding was a part of the fashion show during the block party.

  2. I'm listening to you talk and Dude you are as Beta as they come. Everything that you've charged Dr. Umar Johnson with is something someone said to you or something you've identified within you and are trying pass it to someone else. Check your sources before speaking on something you don't have full understanding of.

  3. Ok so the jokes on yall, it wasn't a real wedding nor was it supposed to be. It was apart of a fashion show that the two women asked him to be in. Dr. Umar is still single and looking. No he hasn't had any sexual contact with either of the two. SMH, yall couldn't wait huh? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. So it's funny to jus accuse all black women of being single mothers. Smfh. yall kno nothing about the women In the video lik wtf that's a mislead in it self. Dr Umar said he'd love to hav married either Queen but those were the models chosen for the fashion show..smh

  5. There is something wrong with both of these women you mean to tell me they don't know that the courts in America doesn't recognize a marriage that involves 3 people , now this definitely proves he preys and strives on demwitted women

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