November 28, 2021

25 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson & Sistas Prepare For Block Party at FDMG Academy (9.9.21)

  1. Pan Africanism was invented by Dubois who hated Garvey and united with the 3 letter government institutions to destroy the 11 million strong international movement. When Nkrumah used the phrase he meant it as a unified Africa with the removal of the 54 artificially imposed colonial borders. He and Lumumba had united around this concept and were building towards. Dubois' Pan Africanism version left the borders intact which pleased the colonizer nations which adopted this ideal for the AU or OAU. The largest rubber plantation on earth is in Liberia set up by Garvey owned today by Firestone of Ohio. Garveyism is directly opposed to Pan Africanism. These should never factually be used in the same context.

  2. Stop the craziness 🤣🤣 Are you going to donate some money that you've stolen from your supporters to pay for people's transportation if they want to make it there, but they can't afford it? That's what I thought 😐 Put up, or Shut up like you said. Stop the BS! You should have had the outside of the buildings done by now instead of blowing money for YOUR ego 😉 Good Luck

  3. 🤦🏾‍♀️This event is a disgrace and shameful. It reflects what Umar thinks of our community. He does not go above and beyond or even do the bare minimum for us. Vacuuming a funky moldy dusty old carpet and inviting people into that building is wrong and hazardous to everyone’s health.

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